No, Madrid Not “Close Its Center To Traffic”

Today we talk about cheaters holders; just give you a couple of quick notes.The  newspaper El Pais account of the creation of a new Priority Area Residential (APR): “Madrid will close its center to traffic” .


Then one reads the news and that “close”, well, meh:

Vehicles not belonging to residents of that area have limited the way to the wide avenues. The closed area can access other drivers who are to park in the 13 car locked on the perimeter. However, the City Council cross-checked daily enrollment for whom then do not park there (for example, because the car park is full) is sanctioned.Violations will be monitored with 22 security cameras, and punishable with 90 euro fine.


With this measure, which delves into the politics of peatonalización the center of Madrid led by the former mayor and now Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón (PP), the Council aims to reduce by more than a third vehicle traffic through areas restricted. “The main objective is to reduce traffic passing through neighborhoods and agitation in search of parking, while increasing parking spaces for residents,” he argues.

“Reduce by more than a third vehicle traffic” seems quite different from “close”. “Close” is full cut, right?  And is not that.


  • Residents in the area will still be able to access their cars
  • Taxis and buses, although not expressly say what the news, we assume that too;and they can access other APRs Madrid
  • Non-residents who want to use a (private) parking that is in these areas can also access
  • All vehicles will continue to run on the wide avenues and some wide streets
  • The bikes will have access to 7 am to 10 pm

It seems that the word “close” does not adequately express what will happen.”Restrict” yes, but “close”, no. A priori, it seems a good news.

It must be able to disclose other means not start talking about “cheating fines” as does, for example, ABC.  The idea, presumably, is to further promote access to the city center is made ​​without a car. Sounds good. We’ll see what happens.

Update: in Ecomobility have posted a more detailed analysis, that after alllive there. And in another type of analysis, in wheel and rail wonder if something will all this: have you thought of the City Council to strengthen public transportation?