Within the methods used to stimulate muscle growth, can find repeats of different types, including the negative, it consist in descending weight in a controlled manner, i.e., to load the weight on the eccentric phase of exercise.

The point that summons us is if the negative repetitions truly benefit the muscular development or if, in reality, only constitute a threat to this process given the great intensity and risk of injury that can involve these.

In a way, we could say that both qualities arise altogether when speaking of the negative repetitions. In other words, on the one hand, can contribute greatly to the hypertrophy muscle because they are a stimulus more intense and different from which muscles are used, but on the other hand, if negative replays them after arriving at the judgment, the risk of suffering an injury articulate and a terrible agugetas the next day, is much higher.

To be able to take advantage of this training system, we not only need a good Companion to load weight during the concentric phase of the exercise, but that the ideal is to use this technique only when our training in advanced period and sporadically, not every day.

In addition, many tend to raise its maximum weight, up to 130% according to some studies, we are able to support much more weight in the negative phase of the movement, but that the intensity is not so high and avoid a major risk of injury It involves a costly recovery, we can use only the negative repetitions to make a short workout series, without having reached exhaustion first. We can even use the weight that we usually load when we traditionally exercise to not overload the muscles.

The increased risk of the negative repetitions is the high current and overload causing, it worsens if our partner is not able to lift the weight in the concentric phase of the exercise and we must supplement their lack of strength.

To avoid a supernatural that injured us, a difficult to control stiffness and tension so that adequate recovery is possible next to muscular development, it is do not use this technique if you’re a beginner, only use it sporadically and if you need to diversify your routine out of an estancapmiento. In addition, you can use less weight and avoid straining the muscles to work prior to the series with negative repetitions.

Negative repetitions can be of great help for muscle development, but if we do not make them under appropriate controlled conditions can be, at the same time, risks to the body that works.