In the world of sport and life sound, just as in fashion, there are also new trends or new movements that gradually become increasingly more followers. An example of this was the Crossfit, a discipline that combines strength and endurance, very complete, but not suitable for everyone. Today we will tell you all about the Paleotraining.

The Paleotraining is precisely based on movements that are similar to which our ancestors performed to survive day to day. The main purpose of this style of training is the get develop the capabilities that the prehistoric men had and that we are supposedly missing with our current lifestyle.

What was the origin of the Paleotraining

As I have mentioned in the introductory paragraph, what is intended with this type of training is perform movements similar to those our ancestors performed When for example they had to flee from predators or they should go to hunt to eat and ultimately survive every day.

This type of training initially began in 2007 in the Canary Islands in order to restore the health of the body. The main base of the movements that are performed in the paleotraining is similar to that produced with training calistenicos of which already you have had something at HowStuffWorks on occasion.

This movement arose from the meeting of different doctors, physical educators, biologists and physiotherapists who wanted to give a boost to this model of training with the main objective of retrieve ultimately the health of our body.

The main origin came in the wake of proposing this program for a group of people who had problems in the shoulder, besides in the dorsal and cervical, lumbar spine but currently This type of training has spread to different training rooms.

This type of training is not intended to generate muscular mass, i.e., muscle hypertrophy, as it can be a typical bodybuilder training, but what is claimed is prepare your muscles so that it can be used, gaining functionality in different movements.

The paleotraining main exercises

The paleotraining is based on the supposed scientific evidence that our body is still exactly the same as that which it had in the Paleolithic, While our environment has changed dramatically, as well as our lifestyle. There are a number of basic functions such as lifting us soil from any position, jump to any address or move of all possible forms, before we were able to do with ease and now not so much.

One of the advantages offered by the Paleotraining is that We play it anywhere, and above all, outdoors. Any environment is totally suitable to enjoy a good workout, from a beautiful beach, up a mountain, also including forests and meadows. All this thanks to the exercises are mainly gymnastic in addition to also introduce exercise cardiovascular, but mainly accomplished with HIIT high intensity intervals system.

As commented previously, gymnastic exercises are those in which We use our own body weight to perform them. Movements which can be of varied difficulty, some simple as a simple Flex chest or a squat without load, and others requiring more technique and force such as a pistol squats.

In terms of cardiovascular exercise, it is most common in this type of training is to run. But races are usually composed of different changes of pace which include small breaks which are added exercises that are considered to be functional as those who’ve mentioned previously. For example, to run 5 Km stopping every 500m to perform a few burpees, push-ups, squats pistol, climber jumps and other exercises. As if it were a Spartan Race.

Paleotraining and the paleo diet

The Paleotraining not only is a type of training, but it also encompasses the monitoring of a specific diet, specifically the paleo diet. This gives to talk over several articles, and in fact a group of professional Dietitians nutritionists, diet without sponsors (DSP), conducted a hangout that I have left here above.

However, usually the paleo diet which raises is a power similar to that could follow our ancestors when we still didn’t know agriculture, based on the consumption of fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, fish, tubers and that will restrict dairy, cereals and legumes.

But in addition to this, the paleotraining also includes the fact of train always on an empty stomach, as our ancestors did. When someone went out to hunt for food, not over breakfast before, but now perhaps not as efficient to do this, or if.

The paleo diet has supporters and detractors, as well as having a number raised from people who truly unknown how to correctly apply all guidelines of this style of diet. From HowStuffWorks don’t us like diets with name and surname, and menus even when healthy foods, are still restricted well applied can be a suitable and healthy diet also.


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