Model Will Be A Unique Example, Developed In Conjunction With Italian Super Champion Mario Cipollini

Italian luxury car manufacturer Maserati is changing four wheels for two. At least in one project. The company has teamed up with Italian cycling super champion Mario Cipollini to create a limited edition of a competition bike, which will be called the Maserati Cipollini Bond. Incidentally, put a limit on that. The line will be made up of a single piece, which will be auctioned this week at a charity event.

Creating a line formed by a single bicycle allows Maserati to place its brand as synonymous with an object of desire and exclusivity, according to a company statement.”The goal is to promote the cycling water bottles in, together with a young audience that has an interest in areas related to cycling.” In short, Maserati is approaching consumers who are worried about global warming and interested in alternative forms of locomotion-the antithesis of the automaker’s sports cars. Hence the association with Cipollini, popularly known as “Super Mario”, one of the greatest speed cyclists of all time, especially in European events such as the Tour de France.

The Maserati Cipollini Bond is painted in the blue and white colors, typical of the Italian automaker, and brings in its frame the trident that is the traditional symbol of the company. The on-board equipment is provided by Shimano, the tires are Forte Race and the seat is produced by Aspide. The initial minimum bid price for the equipment will be R $ 26 thousand.

The bike will be auctioned on Thursday (26) during a race promoted by Roleur, a French publication specialized in cycling. The profits will be reverted to the Medical Research Action, a group that studies innovations in medicine. Anyone can participate in the auction by visiting the Champions of Cycle Sport website.