The exercise bike is an item that many people buy with the best of intentions to exercise their own house and so be able to lose weight but mostly just forgotten in some corner.

Even this appliance in academies ends up in the background, in which ends up losing to the mat, but know that the exercise bike is a great item to can slim down, you should only know how to use it properly, so you get the expected results.

The bike is a ruthless weapon to be able to wipe away the unwanted “fat” and so sculpting your body leaving him thin and beautiful. With this exercise you will be able to lose weight and improve your physical fitness, so the bike is one of the best aerobic exercises that exist. And for ladies in addition to lose weight and win a great physical condition, will be able to model the legs and butt, because the work in these areas is intense with the cycling.

How to Use the Exercise Bike to Lose Weight

As each individual has a biotope and a different goal, it is difficult to pass a suitable time in order to have results on the bike, but for those who are looking for weight loss ideally do bicycle ergometer examination initially about of 25 minutes a day, at most it is advisable to do 35 minutes, in which you must get 3 to 4 times do a week.

After your body used to that rhythm, you will increase to 60 minutes, doing 5 days a week. For those just starting the council is not trying to take the long overdue for 1 day and end up overdoing it at a dose, it may not be good. So you must let your body get used to the routine, so you gradually increases the time.

For a result when your body has used you can start pedaling slowly, then increases the tempo, come down again, gives a quick chop. That way this type of exercise will promote a greater calorie burning than the continuous training, so you will lose weight more with the bike.

You can lose 4 pounds and even more in four weeks, ruled the diet you will get great results. If you want to continue the exercise routine with the bike after a month, you just increase the burden while maintaining the regularity of four times a week.