Learn to Determine The Type of Body You Have to Train in One Way or Another

The physical Constitution plays an important role in our athletic development. It is important that we know the body type we have to know our limitations and be realistic when it comes to training, because we are not all equal.

There are different types of body, and therefore we have to understand the characteristics of each of them to find out what is best in training to obtain optimal results. At HowStuffWorks, we are going to do a review of the different types of physical Constitution and some tips to know how to train in order to achieve the best results, because if it is true that we can not change the bone Constitution, but yes to modify the size of the muscles and our weight.

The physical Constitution is something we inherited from our parents, because it is a genetic issue that we can just modify, because our body has a predisposition or another. To know this it is important that we differentiate between one type of morphology or another. Normally when we attended the gym to train we seek to achieve a Constitution vegetation, that is one dominated by muscular development.

To achieve our goals we assume a type of Constitution ectomorfica, characterized by the trend we have to lose weight. People with this physical Constitution forms tend to be linear and straight. Normally people possessing this body shape has tends to be thin and difficulties to increase weight and volume. To achieve this the diet is fundamental, since they will need more food to achieve a good result. This should be accompanied by training with weights. It is important to not relent in the effort, since any mistake will cause them to lose weight and stop the process of evolution.

On the other hand, we have people who have a Constitution endomorfica. These have a more rounded physical shape since their tendency to accumulate fat is greater. The ease to catch weight for this type of people is high, so the results of training be noticed faster, but we must not neglect us, because people who have this type of Constitution are more likely to accumulate fat, so diet must be very rigorous. Fats should be almost banished from the diet. For such people the aerobic exercise is essential, since combined with strength training will be of high quality muscles.

It is important that prior to attending the gym we analyze carefully and determine the type of Constitution we have, since the workouts are not equal for some people than for others. Knowing what we want and what we can carry out is important to achieve our goals.


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