We tend to find in most gyms and sport centres vending machines that you offer different varieties of drinks for sportsmen. In most cases many of us do not know which one opt and if really needed this type of drinks to train. So we have it clear we are going to give some guidelines to choose the drink fits the type of training that we are conducting.

Before everything must be clear that the results of the training should not be subject to a drink or another, since the main thing is to follow a proper diet intended to obtain the best results. But sometimes a foreign aid can come to us well, and is the time in which we must take hold of supplements or aid that we have at our disposal in the gym machine.

Within the variety that we have at our disposal there are drinks for each type of activity, Since the needs that a person practicing bodybuilding are not the same that develops one who always carry out aerobic exercise, so the physical requirements have no nothing that see each other. To meet the needs of the body at every moment it is necessary that we know the main components of the drinks that we have available and the use of each of them.

For people who practice bodybuilding the loss of fluids and mineral salts is less than for those who carry out aerobic exercise. In this case requirements by the Agency are aimed at muscle recovery, since the stress suffered by the muscles is high. To do this we can opt for rich in amino acids and protein drinks that it will help us to provide food to the fibers. Along with this we can take hold of energy drinks that will help replenish energy and glycogen lost during workouts.

If on the contrary carry out aerobic activities, the burning of energy is high, so we must also take hold of energy drinks that will help replenish glycogen levels. This is the fastest way to get it. To sweat more with these activities we lose many mineral salts and fluids, we should replace as soon as possible and during the activity to avoid fatigue, so it is advisable to ingest beverages rich in mineral salts It will help us to stabilize the levels of electrolytes from the body preventing cramps and other problems that can occur in full swing.

In spite of everything it is important that we bear in mind that this type of beverages are not a drink to use, but they are ready to be taken when we carry out a certain activity type. For this reason It is important that we do not have custom take them even without carrying out any activity, since an excess of substances in the body, so that the lack of these is not good not good.