A few perfect buttocks and strong is what many of us are looking for when we attend to the gym and work the undercarriage of the body, and that beat the force of gravity is not an easy task, and most of us know.

Star one of the exercises to strengthen this part of our anatomy is the kick butt machine or pulley, that most of us tend to make in practice. It is a very effective exercise, but in many cases it can cause discomfort in the lumbar area, since the operating pressure tends to accumulate in this part of the body and can lead to problems.

Many of us often use somewhat rudimentary solutions to alleviate this part of the body when we do gluteal exercises. The use of a hip belt It is very common… Although sometimes not used, and is that while the posture adopt throughout the exercise is paramount to not feel discomfort, there are times that this is not enough to relieve the lumbar part, because there are people who, by its Constitution, leave rest all the thrust in this area.

Normally This accumulation of tension arises from a lack of body coordination at the time of the balance that requires this type of exercises, and that needs to be achieved through a joint effort of abdominal, they stabilize the trunk, as well as the leg that is supported on the ground that is which will keep the body straight and position suitable for the exercise.

Maintain this posture is what many of us costs us, and so it downloaded all the pressure in the lumbar area. To avoid this necessary to adopt another method of executing the kicks of gluteus. The best solution is to make them with a fitball ball, Since we will rest on her body by subtracting tension in the lumbar area, although it is important that we maintain the balance to perform the exercise correctly.

The realization of kick butt in with fitball is simple, since the methodology is the same as in machine and pulley, just that instead of standing We are cast on the ball with one leg on the ground and slightly flexed and front holding the posture we aguantaremos to not fail us. While with the other he’ll exercise taking the leg backward contracting gluteus.

The entire exercise should be conducted in the same way we have always done. We have to care to not advance the knee too so that they do not come into play other muscles such as the quadriceps. Moreover, will make four series of 10 replications each.

Initially it is best to start slowly to control the stability of our body on the fitball, once we control it perfectly must do the exercise focusing on the worked area. We can add intensity if we use ankle weight It will increase the resistance of the buttocks must overcome.