A very common speech we hear when we train is that most tall people have more difficulties to develop your muscles to the lowest. Really is this true or is it a myth of gym?.

All people have the same muscle groups and the same amount. The same happens with the bones, but they have neither the same way nor identical distribution, since each person has certain physical characteristics that are going to play an important role in securing strong muscles.

When we train, we work the muscle fibers, Since to encourage them to grow and develop we do. To get a perfect growth it is necessary to work with them in their entirety and this exercise is the basis. In training all we tend to do it in the same way, we have the size that we have.

Between people of different sizes that differences in muscles and bones, which are higher than have larger muscles, longer, and therefore with more fibers that work. For this reason costs to people with greater stature more muscularly grow, since they must train more intensely to achieve greater results.

It is important that persons with higher amount of fibers carry out a focused training in the complete work of them, using a higher concentration in carrying out the routines. The same goes for shorter people, but in the case of the highest incidence must be greater.

But there is one thing that plays in favor of the highest persons, and is that when they develop their musculature may develop stronger than those with lower concentration of fibers in your muscles. Either way it is important that we work to complete our muscles to get them well defined and toned.