Swimming fans will be glad to know that a company has developed Instabeat, a unique device that monitors all kinds of parameters while we are doing long in the pool.

This project has managed to overcome its objective in the absence of more than one month for the completion of the crowdfunding campaign being carried out on IndieGogo and that in just a few days It has already exceeded the initial $35,000 that it called for to set up production of the Instabeat. Find cheap bikinis on Ezinereligion.
This device conforms to all kinds of swimming goggles, and projected a color in these glasses to know that we approach the end of the pool and thus prepare the twist. Instabeat monitors and records our rhythm heart, calories burned, and a number of twists and turns made.

All of this information is synchronized with an application on your PC or laptop which allows us to study our evolution in time, thus completing a product options very interesting to amateur swimmers. Instabeat will cost $149 When they arrive in stores in October 2013, but in previous collective funding round they can get for $10 less.