Work with squats It is a common practice in collective or group activities such as the step, aerobics, the GAP… Tends to be a movement that we almost always carry out in many exercises, but can complicate it further and make it more productive if we add some modifications to the usual routine.

A simple movement that we usually get and hardly just for giving us a result, we can enrich it if we add some minor variations to increase the intensity in the area the buttocks or the abductors. That Yes, we always have to pay special attention to the intensity of the exercise, as it has to adapt perfectly to our level, we know that in the sport’s all about time and perseverance.

The Classic squats We did it by always putting the legs parallel to the hips, slightly open and taking care not to pre-empt the knees above the foot down, always straight and contracting the abdomen to form a 90 degree angle and back to the starting position. This very practiced out in the gym can be more complicated with some additional movements.

If in addition to working your legs want to impinge more on the buttocks We just have to toggle a replay of the classic squat with a kick back to lift us to return to the initial position. This simple movement will cause we extent over the part of the gluteus and increase the intensity that we will notice a higher tone than with the usual squat.

In the case of the abductor We will simply increase the intensity of the workout with a simple movement of side opening leg, i.e. rotate the hip side by adding us to the starting position after completion of the squat. Also focus on the abductors when performing the squat conventional we raise a little more feet, that Yes, without them all together.

But also if we simply put the feet closer together or further apart we will be focusing on one part or another of the muscles of the leg, as if we put the feet parallel or with out tips, Since the implementation of the squat will be different in each case and the intensity of the exercise varies, as we play a part or another of the muscles.

It is always important that we are in control of every movement as well as the load that we are going to use, because each person will hold a weight or other depending on their physical Constitution, years of training, State of muscle mass… First and foremost we must have patience and make each move correctly to notice results.