Whenever we speak of aerobic work we refer to medium intensity exercise that we keep in time. Within the aerobic machines We can find us some working more muscle groups and other less, some easier to handle and more complex.Inclined bike is the simplest aerobic machine and affordable for aerobic work.

And I say this because many machines that there is which is less traumatic for joints and less labor costs of using. To be inclined or gravity affects us, the position is comfortable and the only thing moving are the legs. It is clear that it depends on the intensity with which we do exercise, but a standard intensity is the machine that costs less to people doing aerobic.

For people who already are in the form I see a good choice to move forward, because the aerobic work may be too soft, I see it more as an option for those who have started a work plan healthy, people with too much weight or for the population group of seniors who have motor difficulties, since it does not require much skill.

In a ranking of difficulty of aerobic machines I would choose this as the first level: you are sitting in a comfortable position and work only the legs pedaling, and even against gravity. That Yes, after 20 minutes, the position can be a little uncomfortable, and is recommended every 10-15 minutes stretching your legs and walk a bit around the room.