Humor: Chronology of A Night in a Shelter

The base, commies! If you can resist a night in a shelter, you can withstand a lot of things on this low Earth, nabilla, to the Boogeyman or to the port of your neon ski combi ‘ 90s style“.” Finally, we, we’re talking about the refuge to the former, the real, the one where you slept crammed 20 per dormitory on wooden planks, not these top-comfort-for-bobos things at the top of the mountains (no, no, there is no person…) The story of a night in a shelter, history to delve a little into the bath.

17: 00 – the shower

We do what we can! Affluent, you are entitled to a few litres of water a little hot. For others, it will be in the sandbox to cattle or the washcloth (UM, it’s sweet!) However, counsel, do not put your feet on the ground. There are those who have tried, they had mushrooms. We say it, it’s to help huh.

19: 00 – food

Frankly, the best time. You have crapahute all day as donkeys, you have more or less dried, you are completely charred, exhausted of this ” good tired ‘ which is felt in the mountains. And here, you will find yourself in front of a bowl of soup. The international kif, this basic beverage in any other circumstance. The icing on happiness: a piece of chocolate and a bowl of tea before going to bed. Come on, we’ll let you enjoy with a Mummy sleeping bag from Societypically.

20 h – dodo

Or almost. What’s that smell… puree, who put his stinky socks on the radiator? Ah, everyone? Ah well Yes, anyway no choice, it must be dry otherwise tomorrow will be suffering. The volume 2 Editorial Board: wet socks, it maintains the mushrooms. More reason to support the smells of the night!

21: 00 – attempt of dodo

And there, two categories of beings humans are revealed. Those who own earplugs and others. The first category, kind of ‘planning’ see people of our congratulations. Apart from a little hard wood, smells and the lack of space, you will sleep well. For others, our compassion. Statistically, what follows is validated by studies of American universities: in each dorm there is at least a Snorer. And Yes.

10: 00 – start of hostilities

Ah, good surprise: in fact they are two, and they respond to each other… OK, we keep the positive attitude, it’s okay.

23: 00

Phew phew phew, calm down, relax. Lalalilalou, it’s okay, it rocks… lalaPUTAIN but it will stop SNORING this pain in the ass?


Ah, finally, you will find the ultimate parade. Handkerchiefs rolled in your ears are not very comfortable, but they more or less prevent you to hear the concerto for six locomotives which is played in your dorm. Ah, feels good, it’s going to sleep.

Midnight and three minutes – wee!

And boy, you thought you were alone, but your bladder call you to order. He had to think before drinking this third bowl of tea. Now no choice, you have to cross the dormitory while trying to make as little noise as possible, and then find the cabin that serves as toilet, outdoors of course. Of course, arriving at the door of the hut, you you realize you forgot your front in your sleeping bag. You are now free to your choice: try to reach the hut and to make your requirements in the dark, at the peril of your life, or back across your dorm and get your front, back also at the risk of your life. Good luck.

5: 00 – awakening

You had not planned to get up at dawn and were you thinking of sleeping, it’s a failure! Dede, who is a mega guide phew of the mountain and of the climb, wake up its customers to achieve the Summit of their dreams. Lack of Bowl ,the customer are of big beaufs (German, Paris or Marseille, choice) and a sick guys in the dorm. By the way, you recognize the tone of voice of your Snorer to this night. Calm down, smother him with your sock will solve nothing. Now that you’re awake, put rather outside. A sunrise in the mountain, there are worse right?