How to Use the Roller for Self-Massage to Decrease Pain in Post Workout

Use a foam roller firm is an excellent strategy to decrease the muscle pain that appears after training because it helps to release and decrease the tension of the fasciae, which are tissues that cover the muscles, thus increasing flexibility and fighting the pain caused by the physical exercise.

These rollers should be firm and contain bumps across your back so that they can massage the muscles in a more profound way, but there are also rolls smoother that have a smoother surface that are great for increasing the blood circulation before a workout, as a way of heating, and also to massage the most soothing and relaxing at the end of a light workout when there is no pain.

How to use the massage roller deep

Its mode of use is very simple and the benefits are great. In general it is indicated to place the roller on the floor and use your own body weight to press the area you want massaging, taking care to stimulate all of the muscle that is sore until you find the point of greatest pain, insisting with small movements from front to back at this point sore.

How to Use the Roller for Self-Massage to Decrease Pain in Post Workout 1

The time of deep massage for each area should be 5 to 7 minutes, and the pain reduction can be felt immediately after its use and it is progressive, so the next day you will have even less pain, but it is important to avoid rolling over the bony surfaces such as the elbows or knees.

  For pain in the knee

To combat the pain that arises in the knee after the race, for example, called the syndrome of the band iliotibial, you must position yourself exactly as shown in the image above and use your body weight to slide the roller across the lateral extension of the thigh for at least 3 minutes. When you find a point specific pain close to the knee, use the roller to massage this point for a further 4 minutes.

 To the back of the thigh

To combat the pain in the back of the thigh, after a workout at the gym, for example, you must stay in the position above the image and let the weight of the body glide the roller over the entire region of the hamstrings which run from the final part of the buttocks down to the back of the knee. This stimulus will decrease the muscle pain and will greatly increase the capability of stretching in the posterior region of the body and a good test that may be evidence of this benefit is to make the stretching of the hamstrings before and after deep massage.

How to Use the Roller for Self-Massage to Decrease Pain in Post Workout 2

For the stretching you just need to stand with the feet apart to the width of your hips and bend your body forward trying to put your hands (or forearms) on the floor, keeping the legs always well stretched.

 For pain in the calf

The calf pain is common after a workout at the gym and also in the race and a great way to relieve this discomfort is to let the roller slide on the entire length of the muscles twins of the leg to the heel of achilles. In this case you can let the roller glide over the two legs at the same time, but for a more in-depth work, do it with one leg at a time, and in the end take advantage of to lengthen the region of the front of the leg while maintaining the position that shows the image above for about 30 seconds to 1 minute with each leg.

For back pain

  • The sliding of the roller in the whole area of the back is very comforting and helps to circumvent the pain caused by the practice of physical exercises and even after a sleepless night, when you wake up with pain in the column. You just need to stay in the position that shows the image and let the roller slide from the nape of the neck up to the beginning of the buttocks. As the area of the back is higher you should insist with this massage for about 10 minutes.

How to Use the Roller for Self-Massage to Decrease Pain in Post Workout 3

Where to buy Foam Roller

  • It is possible to buy the foam rollers as the ones that appear in the images in sporting goods stores, rehabilitation, and also by the internet and the price varies according to the size, thickness and resistance of the product, but varies between 100 and 250 reais.

Other uses of foam rollers

  • In addition to being a great way to repair injuries, increase flexibility and fight after the post-workout the Foam Roller can also be used to practice exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles and the lumbar spine and also increase the balance and so are very much used in Yoga and Pilates classes.