How to Choose the Best Sport for You

Did you know that not everyone can play sports? Despite being very able to the idea that to be healthy has to do physical activity, there are certain sports that are not always the best option.

Both in sport, as in physical activity it is possible to practice alone or in a group, however, the main difference between sport and physical activity is that in sports there is competition and so there is the possibility of becoming an athlete, already in the physical activity, this is not the case. The person is dedicated and makes the exercise, but there is no competition between Pilates, for example.

Any type of physical exercise is welcome because as soon as the muscles and joints become stronger, there is more flexibility, and improved mood and well-being. But to take full advantage of what the exercises and sports can do for you, here are the best options for children, adolescents, young people and women who are in menopause.

For children and adolescents:

How to Choose the Best Sport for You 1

In this stage of life good options are:

  • Swimming:500 calories per hour
  • Artistic gymnastics or rhythmic: approximately 210 calories per hour
  • Synchronized swimming:about 400 calories per hour

These sports require good hand-eye coordination, agility, strength and endurance. These sports can be performed in centres, sports, swimming pools and clubs regattas, for example.

But if you or your child do not like this kind of activity or if it is not easy for you to get these forms, to see other examples in: the Best exercises for the Child to grow more Healthy

For young people full of energy:

How to Choose the Best Sport for You 2

For anyone who is full of energy to spend and want to practice a sport, good options are:

  • Remo:about 315 calories per hour
  • Football:about 700 calories per hour
  • Volleyball: about 215 calories per hour
  • Water Polo:about 700 calories per hour

These sports are good options because they require a good cardiovascular fitness which is more easily acquired in this phase of life.

These sports ball can be practiced with greater ease because they have already fallen in like national and are easily found, since the water polo is not as common, although it is very easy to play, being similar to a game of handball inside of the pool, so that tala to call friends for a little game?

For young sedentary or very overweight:

Those who have never practiced any sport, or is above the ideal weight you can choose:

  • Boxing:about 430 calories per hour
  • Jiu jitsu:about 716 calories per hour
  • Weight: about 420 calories per hour

These are combat sports, and physical contact that are not as strenuous as a race and therefore does not require a lot of cardiovascular conditioning.

But it is still necessary to ensure that if you are in good health, being also recommended to consult a dietitian to start a proper diet.

How to Choose the Best Sport for You 3

For women in menopause:

At this stage of life, is the most indicated:

  • Swimming: 500 calories per hour
  • Canoeing: 358 calories per hour
  • Ride your bike into or out of the water: about 400 calories per hour

These help in weight loss that tends to occur at that time and still help you beat the heat of menopause. So, you ensure that it is not with that sweat running down my body.

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For best age:

For anyone who has spent 60 years of age and has not yet decided what he wants to do, some good options are sports more controlled, with less impact and risk of fall, such as for example:

  • Tennis:about 570 calories per hour
  • Ping pong:about 125 calories per hour