How to Choose Motorcycle Gloves?

If you drive in the winter, you definitely understand that their hands were cold on their behalf question! To begin, it is important to understand the difference between a real winter glove and a glove motorcycle mid season. Mid-season gloves are usually waterproof and windproof, but they do not necessarily have a thermal insulation. The misconception that people generally, is that Gore-Tex gloves (or other competing material) are winter gloves. It can be, but not necessarily! The Gore-Tex or equivalent Aerotex is a waterproof, breathable and windproof. It means that it isolates well the weather, but not really cold. It isolates still freshness because it’s an extra layer in the glove and is windproof, but it does not make a real thermal insulation.

How to Choose Motorcycle Gloves

Good motorcycle gloves winter to calmly face temperatures around 0° C or below must have a breathable waterproof membrane-like Gore-Tex, and additional thermal insulation (Thinsulate, for example). Of course, your choice is to adjust according to your region, some being rather soft and wet when others are dry and cold. Check this website for vintage style motorcycle jackets.

Another point to remember, sensitivity to the handle. The thicker your glove, you will lose more precision at the touch. No need to take something intended to travel to Alaska if you make a trip of half an hour to Paris to work!

There still are more effective materials than others to improve the grip. The goatskin first. Softer than cowhide, it is found on the palm of some gloves. Some manufacturers also use the Fit TM technology, a technique that closely tie together the different layers of a glove (liner membrane, outer layer) while retaining great strength. Gore-Tex also has its X-Trafit technology, a multi-layer construction that combines a good grip, flexibility and comfort. This kind of material is however found on high-end gloves, basic Gore-Tex already is not given, the addition of X-Trafit does not help the price!


Choosing the Right Size

A glove of the right size must be properly fitted on all areas of the hand. Remember the palm, it should not be too tight so that good circulation is ensured to the fingers. Numb fingers are in fact not at all enjoyable when riding a motorcycle or scooter. The palm does not float for not having hands that move inside the glove. On the fingers, they all must fit tightly, there should be a few millimeters of play at the end of each finger. Also make sure that the thumb is fully mobile to not interfere with driving.

If you order online, use the size guide provided by the seller or manufacturer, and do not forget that you can ask for an exchange if it does not fit. It is not uncommon that some manufacturers have their own size chart that varies somewhat from a generic guide, and also have different sizes for men and women. For example, here is a guide sizes used by manufacturers difi and dane, the measurement is taken around the palm as in the image below cons.