You go fishing for the first time or whether you want to buy your own equipment after inheriting the stuff of Grandpa or a friend, this article is for you!

The choice is huge in the area and prices can be too if you’re not careful. However, ask yourself if the kit discovered cheap of your usual store would do the trick to make your first fish – not?

This article will allow you to buy your first simple fishing rod with a small budget. At the end of this article you will find the models that I recommend for each type of fishing.

To avoid drowning you in a lot of technical information that could be found in magazines or specialized forums, I will use plain English without going into the details of each type of fishing.

And to make it easier for those in a hurry, here’s a short video summary of the article.

I’ll stay on the freshwater fishing because it is the I master the more (unlike sea fishing).

Indeed, when it comes to a first purchase and that we don’t know much about how to fish, there is little chance that you need a fly rod or a cane to fish in England for example. These sins of ‘passionate’ are very technical and can be learned in a second time.

To give you a choice while giving you specific examples, I will quote in this article some models only from the site (referral number 1 in Europe) and Decathlon (the leader of the sport store chain shows in all major cities and offering the best value for money in general).

To the extent possible, each model of cane will be a versatile minimum you avoiding to be limited.

If you want to get a local retailer or on another site, this guide will allow you to define your exact needs without risk of buying a rod that would be inappropriate.

So any time, you have questions or needs of precision, leave a message in the comments, I will answer live.

1. where are you going fishing? The places of practice is essential.

The first question to ask to save time is to know a minimum the fishing grounds or you will get.

1.1 stagnant water fishing: pond or Lake.

It’s probably the practice the most fashionable as it allows to have a good time with friends. You can find all the fish that we will see below.

There is no power, it’s quiet and sins that can be practice are relatively static and little “sport”.There are of course exceptions, but remember you talk not of those here in this article.

1.2 rivers

If you are lucky enough to live close to a beautiful River, you will be able to fish at will. Different practices are generally more “sport” because you have to trudge and adapt to the river bed.

There are several types and sizes of rivers. For simplicity we have small streams, the medium-sized rivers and the largest as the Dordogne, Tarn, Doubs, etc.

1.3 fishing in the Creek.

This fishing particularly in the mountains but we can find also in the Valley streams that flow into larger rivers.

These last usually teeming with trout. Essentially of girls who are born into it because moms rebounded lay their eggs but also frumps stayed under their strain that became big. Some readers faithful have already seen.

Fishing in stream will need you a small cane goes everywhere and quite light. We will discuss below the tele-reglable cane.

2. the fish to fish? They determine the lures and baits that you will use.

You’re probably not differentiate all the fish who hang out in water soft so inquire before you buy because it is very important. Nothing wrong with asking his entourage or the owner of the pond, watching on internet sites that give details on places like the Federation for example, etc.

2.1 the white fish (Roach, bream, bleak, carp, etc.)

These are all the fish found mainly in most ponds, lakes and rivers or there is little current.

Many so they are fairly easy to fish which allows not to find the long time when you’re not very patient.

So we’re talking fishing to white. It is easily practiced family and can quickly fun especially for children who want to discover this activity.

2.2 trout.

Basically, trout is a fish found in the rivers clean with the power. But there are more and more in private ponds or owners to dump for the pleasure of the fisherman. If you are looking for this fish there is strong chance whatsoever in “fishery” that you practice (pond).

2.3 the Predator (perch, Pike, pike perch, etc).

They are found in all water courses. These are predators that eat small fish, these famous white fish that we saw above.

They have teeth. There are small but they can go up to more than 1 m.

3 the launch or the laid fishing fishing? The fishing type determines the power of the cane.

You must first and foremost, determine whether you want a travelling or sedentary fishery. When fishing walking, light equipment and specifically a cane short and light because we launch constantly. We’re looking for predators in general.

The ideal fishing rod allows fish moving around the body of water or along the River because it is a sin to prospecting. The action is to run a decoy tocatch a carnivorous fish (those who eat other fish). Ideal if you are fishing only like me with your small backpack.

The fish chase your lure and the key is generally very powerful. Hang in there.

For fishing on site or “arises”, used generally larger and often heavier fishing rods. It’s a technique or expected fish watching his cap or his brake.

It can be practiced with several rods placed on the floor at the same time. This is the case of fishing for carp or rods are placed on what is called ” Rod pods’.” We’re talking so battery of cannes.

If this fishing you please here is an article that will give you more details.

4. the rod from A to Z, you can now make your choice.

There are thousands, but I’ll try to simplify your choice with some models corresponding to each of the conditions mentioned above.

First of all, let me set out you the main rules to know in the field of fishing rods.

4.1 what cane is the beefier?

A cheap cane is usually fiberglass, it is so heavy and conveys little of sensations in the arms BUT it is the most durable in the face of a big fish. So think again, is not by putting more expensive, we’re going to the bigger in pole!

As surprising as it may seem, the cheapest rods are so well the hardiest ! If so I assure you, it’s the same thing in mountain BIKE, the good old bike very heavy steel will be beefier that one made of aluminium which is more expensive and even beefier than a frame carbon very dear!

4.2 telescopic Rod VS cane coral.

Whether in the fishing to Gaul or the roll with decoys, hold that more there are junctions in a fishing rod under the sensations will be passed up to the arm.

The mode of the ultra-light with telescopic rods (those that don’t take down not but fold) or 5-6 strands so has disadvantages. It will make your maximum choice between clutter and sensation.

The best cannes are often junk which means that it will not fold at all (see video), however these are they that transmit sensations at the same time as in the lure to handle it perfectly but also and always in your arm to take advantage of the fight with the fish.

I assure you When you start, it is best to choose models that take little space because you have not yet a point of comparison in terms of sensation with more cumbersome canes. For my part, I find that the rods in 2 strands are a good compromise.

4.3 the cane the shot: the ideal family fishing.

It allows to catch white fish, these famous small fish that can be found everywhere. As I told you, it’s the ideal practice to spend quality time with your family. It’s simple, cheap and very efficient to take a lot of fish in no time.

I learned fishing well over twenty years ago and I have very good memories. This is the fishing technique that I would sleep and already present to my daughter to have a good time on the water.

It is mainly practiced in calm water and so pond or river without power.

For the fishing, recommend a telescopic rod of 5 or 6 m maximum without reel (given that the fish are small, no need to reserve thread). If you or your child, go on 3 to 4 m away.

Also, be aware that you can shrink a rod of 6 m by removing the element easily to adapt to the fishing grounds (who can do more can do less).

The price is determined essentially by the materials used (see part 4.1). So count thirty euros for the carbon (very slight but important for this type of fishing) and less than €15 for the fiber of worm (tough but heavier so less pleasant).

Here’s what it looks like in action at the water’s edge.

I wouldn’t talk about fishing the suddenly with canes say ‘ nozzle’ because this isn’t the fishing practice beginners. However, I am open to your questions about this.

4.4 trout for fishing the laid cane: the most versatile.

There is a good chance that you practice it in fishery (pond) If you’re new. In general, owners do not allow fishing lure to the ‘ launch – back “(risk of mix-up and many conflicts when there are people around), so they favour traditional fishing to touchdown. It is for this reason that we fish in general of sedentary way.

For this, I recommend a great tele-reglable 4m with reel Rod. This is a classic because it is very versatile, allowing you to fish for trout in all conditions including river.

Less than €30, the VARI START 400 set is a best seller not expensive that I recommend!

You can use it to fish the block, to the meal worms, to ringworm, the worms, etc. You can fish both in the float, which will tell you the key or “bottom” with a big lead olive 5g for example.

If you like fishing, you will discover can be later, fishing for the large burst or the Buldoallowing the ‘ launch – bring back ‘ without moving post (allowed in fishery). This technique is very bucket, you will give me news.

Here again, the tele-reglable fishing rod should be also although there are here again specific canes for those above.

4.5 the cane launch

Like most rods, it will make a choice about the power. It is specified for each gram (open your eyes, it is write in all small) and thus corresponds to the weight of the lure it can send.

What you it if you fish with lures bigger or smaller?

  • In fact the versatility to its limits,If you use a lighter than the advertised power lure, you can barely throw it away.
  • Same problem if your lure is too big for the power of your rod, it will be unpleasant because too heavy.

The weight of the lure is also indicated on the packaging.

The choice of power and therefore the size of the lure will depend on the fish you are looking for the majority.

You say ” I fish everything there is in the water “! But it is the choice of the lure that will determine the fish you’ll catch.

I’ll simplify your life:

Small lure = small fish

It’s simple no is it not? With this information, you are able to purchase your equipment for fishing tackle independently.

Even if there are always exceptions, and I can already hear friends who tell me “I did a Pike of a meter while fishing with a small soft baits in drop-shot”, remember this rule will allow you to make your first choice in the jingle of lures on the market.

Let me trust, you will catch fish.


You still with me? You can finally buy the rod lure that best suits you.

I would recommend a pole approximately 5 to 15 g from 2 m to 2.40 m with small lures ranging so 5 to 15 g Trout Pond or river fishing the roll.

You can with this same Rod catch of perch (another predator) or the Chub. Don’t worry, it is quite possible to catch and bring more big fish like Pike with a light cane but it will be less enjoyable because you “combat experience” that will be never-ending.

For these rods, you will have the choice between a cane multi-brins (ideal because it transmits better sensations as we have seen) or a telescopic Rod that will be less bulky.

Not cane dear happening everywhere and one with which I learned 20 years ago when I didn’t have a slot: telescopic Set 240 made in Decathlon.

But if you work and you have a small budget with your salary, you will take advantage of fun with a really light as set set lure light 180 !!

It will be less bulky and suited to fishing to the launched of the pond and river trout.


I would recommend a cane 15 to 30 g about to fish for Pike and Zander essentially using larger lures (therefore heavier). It is the sin that we practice when we started casting in general and I recommend if you have ready ponds you.

It will launch most of the lures that are found on the market. Yet once, you can fish the trout with this cane (who can do more can always do less) but you will feel less keys and the fight will be less “felt.”

Less than € 25, you will find here sets allowing you to experience fishing tackle with a heavier rod.

For my part, I present in my video this Muskie at Pezon and Michel (Gunki Kaze).

Otherwise, you will find sets of Decathlon just to see but declined in 10-30g. As long as you comply with these data, you will not be able to fool you.

4.6 the big cane posed for a predator.

As its name suggests it is a rod that will put down when she is fishing (see part 3). Whether River or pond/Lake, the laid cane can be used as well to the predator than the big white fish such as carp and tench.

That you Sin with a big lead at the bottom or float, the rod to the set is still very versatile because very sturdy (we saw with highest trout rods).

When fishing at touchdown, hang a live fish in general (what we call the heart) at the end of its line to attract predators. You can also fish the Burrowing fish such as carp and tench with various baits such as an earthworm or boilies as we see more and more.

Beware, this model of cane is however not at all suited to travelling rolled fishing despite what I see at the edge of the water.

It is the least used cane when starting unlike those listed previously.

Without wanting to generalize, many veterans who like this Sinbecause it allows to comfortably practice without venturing too when the legs become fragile.

For fishing for predators either in the river or pond I would recommend a 3 m Rod/reel set about 50 with about 40 to 60g power allowing you to propel a large bright or a big lead to throw far.

I propose a double choice according to your budget.

  • The first isa cheap Fiberglass rod, it will be very sturdy but heavy enough. She will exit big fish without difficulty but you take little pleasure in combat because this material only transmits very little sensations.
  • The second is much more valuable if you want to progress in this type of fishing, or if you have a bigger budget.It remains a cane fishing entry level but carbon will let you take a lot more fun. It is clearly intended for the predator and including Pike with its aluminum reel: the set Rod Resifight Caperlan.

Specialist fishing online you will find precisely here the cannes best suited for fishing to touchdown.

With the details I have given, you cannot fool you once more.


After several hours of work, I think I made the towers of the subject without anything to forget. There are thousands of cannes but there are not thousands of needs! Then well determine your and choose the model that fits your budget.

It’s simplifying that I wanted to me reassuring, I hope it will work.

Now, you normally have all the cards in hand to choose your own fishing rod and if any time I did not all the questions you could ask yourself before you stumble upon this article, let me a comment, I will answer.

And don’t forget, don’t spend too much time behind this screen, it is going on the water that you will take more fish.


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