It is one of the classical exercises with dumbbells for working the front of the shoulder. It is a grateful exercise but also you must be careful, since their poor execution can cause us problems of shoulder or back.

The front elevations They can be alternative (like in the video) or simultaneous. They often make alternate when we want to work in a more analytical manner each shoulder. And it is when not should spend with the weight, because there is usually rocking motion of column that will eventually harm us the area of the lower back.

If accounts with good bottom muscles can take a position like the video, but if you want more stability opens legs the width of the shoulders and slightly flexed knees, this increases the base of support and avoid small imbalances and “rare” movements.

Whenever we got we take to release the air and down take it again, in this exercise tends to retain the air up and this increases in excess pressure. The climb is up to the height of the eyes, if we got more are forcing the shoulder because the deltoid loses effectiveness after that angle.

This exercise is not only works the deltoid muscle, the high or clavicular part of the pectoral muscle It is also requested and in the area of the back, greater Serrato and rhomboid set the shoulder blades to the rib cage to give stability to the movement of the humerus.