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By | August 5, 2022

Disney’s Hollywood Studios (until 2008 Disney MGM Studios), which have been open as an amusement park since 1989, can – if you’re lucky – watch filming, but you will definitely get an explanation of the film techniques. Stunt shows and funny restaurants make a day go by quickly.

Never been to New York or San Francisco? You could then save yourself that in the future; provided you visit the Hollywood Studios theme park at Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida. There are – among other things, of course – reproduced streets from these two cult cities in the USA.

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The most beautiful Hollywood moments are in fast motion

The name says it all; In the “Disney Hollywood Studios” theme park, everything revolves around the cinema, films and, above all, films that have been produced by and for Walt Disney. When the park was opened on May 1, 1989 as the third of the four theme parks of the Walt Disney World Resort today, it was still called “Disney MGM Studios” and was renamed in 2008. As soon as the visitor has arrived, it is located on “Hollywood Boulevard” and is invited to “The Great Movie Ride” there. This first attraction gets everyone in the mood for a 20-minute drive and lets visitors experience the greatest Hollywood moments of all time.

One of the greatest landmarks in the international world of Walt Disney is Mickey’s Magic Hat, which is located on the grounds of Hollywood Studios. It stands at the end of Hollywood Boulevard and is the hallmark of this theme park. It has the same rank as Cinderellas’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom, the Tree of Life in the Animal Kingdom and the spaceship Earth in Epcot. But did we just say the hat is blue? Yes, that’s how it looks! But if you come closer and go around it, you will see it in ever new colors. The secret behind it is a so-called chameleon color, which changes depending on the incidence of light. Incidentally, the amount you needed for Mickey’s magic hat would have been enough to repaint 500 Cadillacs.

Not far from this landmark is “Echo Lake”; a park area that is located on a small lake. A stunt show with Indiana Jones is just as much a part of the possible experiences as a flight simulator with which you can travel through space.

Bread and games

If you then walk on the “Streets of America”, you will find replicas from New York and San Francisco. Here you will meet the Muppets, among other things, and should perhaps fortify yourself in one of the three themed restaurants before continuing one station. Because in the Animation Courtyard only attractions are offered. However, they are so tough that you definitely won’t get out of there anytime soon. So how about a snack in the “Pizza Planet”? That should be known to one or the other from Toy Story 2.

Animation courtyard. This is where movie buffs really get their money’s worth. In “The Magic of Disney Animation” you can not only experience how cartoon characters become animated film characters, but also take a tour through Walt Disney’s life in “One Man’s Dream”. There are also live performances, for example by Ariel the Little Mermaid and Prince Caspian of Narnia.

The neighboring “Pixar Place” is reserved for the latest Toy Story films, while “Sunset Boulevard” is a little more grown-up. Here, for example, there is a roller coaster that accelerates to up to 100 kilometers per hour in less than three seconds, here “Beauty and the Beast” is performed live and there is a Twilight Zone Tower from which you can (almost) can fall weightlessly.

Florida Disney's Hollywood Studios