Fishing in lakes and rivers

Fishing is open according to the County dates from mid March to mid November.

The land Domes-Sancy area is mainly recognized for its many hiking trails in magnificent frames, its rich architectural heritage (Castle of strings, Basilica of Orcival,…) but also of course for the drainage system of the upper basin side of the Sioule.

The Sioule, which originates in the Monts Dore joined Allier between Vichy and Moulins after a course of about 140 km. The area of Rochefort-mountain is located upstream of the catchment area of this river, 30 km to the West of Clermont-Ferrand. It concerns the first 20 kilometres of the Sioule from its source to its confluence with the Miouze, and about 170 km of linear streams in all. This very rich hydrographic network, can add the quality of its waterways, where trout is Queen, in small and large rivers, volcanic crater and dam Lakes…

But the territory has many other wealth at the level of the mountain streams: these sites very wild and preserved are enchanting places for the experienced angler. The natural bait fishing is Queen, get an IGN map and discover the Gorce, the Sioulot, the Vergne… At the opening of the trout fishing, snow can still be present, be vigilant!

So that fishing is just pure pleasure, the Tourist Office and the local fishermen’s associations offer a free booklet that introduces you to the best fishing spots, with detailed records and information for fish.

Available at the Tourist Office or by clicking CARSWERS for more fishing tips!

Find rates and list of resellers of fishing permits in the territory in the next record titled “fishing – rates and custodians of cards“!