Sports Incentive Law is a mechanism for fundraising for the city’s team, already highlighted in the national scenario

The cycling team of Ribeirão Preto (São Francisco Saúde/Klabin/EMS) has given, this Tuesday (27), another important step in its long and winning history. Bichampion and five years ago in the top-3 list, the current leader of the National Highway Ranking now counts with the support of the Ministry of Sport, organ linked to the Federal government, through the LIE (Incentive law to sport).

The contribution to the project “Cycling of Ribeirão Preto to the World”, whose main objective is to improve and refine the structure of the city’s cycling, comes through the Land Cycling Association (ATC). The capture of resources through the LIE is, including, celebrated in the new uniforms of the team, presented in ceremony at the Gavino see Gymnasium, in the Cava of the affordable flasks.

“We have joined the support of the local administration, which is the prefecture of Ribeirão Preto, we have the state law, which fosters our base structure and now the Federal Incentive law, which benefits the Elite. It’s a way to get all the funding pillars together, including the private initiative and thus offer a quality structure to keep us as high-end team in Brazil and even in South America on road cycling, “highlighted the team’s technical director, Danilo Terra.

“The project provides us with a multidisciplinary team with technician, mechanical, physiotherapists of the Colucci clinic, press Advisory – which is crucial to potentiate and measure return to sponsors – material, equipment, wheels, tires, all of the highest quality. Cycling is a sport that, for the athlete to be well, has to compete. And the project provides us with resources to travel and compete, “complements Danilo.

“Our cycling team is the synthesis of what we would like to be all sporting showcase of Ribeirão Preto. Well-organised, well-formed, excellent results. It has a formation of human values and citizens what causes these examples to be multiplied in our society. Success leaves traces and this team is successful. We want to reflect on this so that it is used in other teams and other modalities, “he pointed out the Mayor Duarte Nogueira.

Current Municipal secretary of Sports, Ricardo Aguiar corroborates with the view of the current chief executive Ribeirão-Pretano. “This team has been an example for a long time. Not only for the project’s characteristic, technical, and management. It is also a reference on the grounds of retrospect. It’s more than ten years on the basis, improving, yield, and result: inside and off the runway. One is reflection of the other, including the social part. Winning is hard. But to remain victorious in high yield, with work developed in the social area, it is much more. So the team is reference in every aspect, “evaluates.

In addition to the Prefect and the Secretary of Sports, numerous authorities attended the event, which still officialized the reform in the Cava of the Grove, the construction of an official skateboard track and the professional volleyball team of the municipality: the first Lady Samanta Piñeda; Renato Pear, Chairman of the Paulista Volleyball Federation; Lício’s Cintra, Managing director São Francisco Group; The entrepreneur is borne Biagi Filho and the Aldermen Boni, Marcos Pope, André Trindade, Mauricio of Vila Asranches and Mauricio Gasparini.

The goal of the project “Cycling of Ribeirão Preto to the World”

Such action should make the team’s performance in the professional environment even more powerful, since the purpose is to provide support and quality implements that can meet the specificity of each cyclist. Improving the technical and tactical conditioning of athletes generates direct influence on obtaining expressive and meaningful results related to both individual performance and the collective, predominant characteristic of the modality.

The improvement of each of the elite category cyclists – In addition, also, the incessant focus on revealing cyclists by the basic categories – has the purpose of leaving them in full conditions to re-compete eventual future international competitions, a desired resizing of the team. A consequent growth due to the already historical winner in the state, national and international scenarios.

The cycling team of Ribeirão Preto has as sponsors to São Francisco Saúde, Klabin, Specialized and potato plant, cosponsors the Passaredo and AOO Energia and the support of the Municipal Sports Secretariat of Ribeirão Preto, Botafogo soccer Clube, clinic Collucci, Ali Samir Supermarkets, takes good care, Santa Helena, ERT uniforms, Goal projects, Passalacqua, Nutrigesso, OCE, Riberball, Pic-pic and TGM balloons. Institutional support law incentive to sport.

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