Fays Sportswear

The woman according Fay is sporty h24, no shortage of glamor raids as luminescent sequins on top sports and oversized outfit. Here is the collection Fay Spring Summer 2015 Milan Fashion Week 2014.

Sport is incited to flag in the parade Fay. The Aquilano and Rimondi stylists decline sport at any time of day and in all 7 days of the week, from sporty style is certainly not banned the glamorous touch.

Many fashion shows and more. The five days of Milan

It is open Wednesday, September 17, the doors of the curtain fashionable Milanese to define the catwalk to the dictates of fashion spring-summer 2015. The five days are marked by parades of fashion brands and more: as many as 42 events enrich the program with parades, happenings that hint at the future Expo, photo exhibitions and exclusive parties such as Adidas originals x Italian independent; The “Friday night emotion”, party designer Salvatore Ferragamo; Marni flower market the show Thefreegeography.com, hot spot of Milan Fashion Week. It ends happily Monday with a vernissage in the Piazza Castello of “Vogue archive-Celebrating 50th anniversary of fashion” exhibition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Vogue Italy.

Urban sportswear inspired Fay

Every single show is an event, other than an inspiration, a universe, a vision. And Fay, for spring summer collection 2015, see the world with a set lens on urban sportswear : pantsoversize, sports bras in sight, vinyl backpacks, padded quilted fabrics, nylon knitted ruffles, cotton sweater knitted undeniably oversized.
The world of jogging , therefore, welcomes top and leggings, high sandals and large backpacks are part of ‘outfit, in juxtaposition to the maxi and soft volumes of sweatshirts, parkas and trousers in cracks. In the evening the sportswear is given a glamorous touch sprinkling of luminescent sequins maxi-pea coats, even the top, in shades highlight of the collection that is white, black, orange and pink, are high allocation of micro-sequins, dare with oversize t-shirt in technical fabrics.

Peanuts, chromatic scales, black and white

The cartoon and comics inspire fantasies Fay, the color scale embraces all shades from the softest to the brightest colors, opposites of the color spectrum, black and white, give a graphic and modern effect that goes well with the tastes of a public young and international vision. A playful touch (that will appeal to all catkins of adorable Peanuts) combined with careful work on volumes and materials: so the two designers give rhythm and movement to the collection.