Expedition to Kilimanjaro Climbing the Business Skills Mix

The adventure of two blumenauenses to reach the 5,895-meter Mount Kilimanjaro ‘s height may be accompanied by any point of the planet from the preparation to the climbing of the highest point in Africa. Julian Sant’Ana entrepreneurs and Emerson Balasubramanian started this week the countdown for theKilimanPark Expedition. The trip is scheduled to take place on August 12, but the day to day who is preparing for this challenge can be seen on the site of the expedition. Technological resources like travel location messages will also be sent by two adventurers during the climb.

More than a personal challenge, the KilimanPark project aims to develop skills that can be applied to the business world. “Let’s take a modality that is still on the rise in Brazil by the values that it conveys to people such as resilience, sustainability and team spirit. In addition to these, there are skills that are directly related to the everyday life of the companies, such as management, strategy, work with targets and crisis management “, explains Julian.



Didn’t 1 hour to another that the pair decided to climb to the highest point in Africa. Julian and Emerson have trained to achieve other peaks around the world, like the Aconcagua, in Argentina. In addition to this, Julian has already climbed Mount Roraimain northern Brazil. With other colleagues, also conduct expeditions to places of lower altitudes. The development of entrepreneurial skills is present in each one of these adventures. The next challenge will be the Mount Kilimanjaro.


About the KilimanPark Expedition

The KilimanPark Expedition project has the patronage of the Shopping Park and support of European BioGym Fitness Club, workshop of words and of the Caza of Core Ideas. Information about the purpose, preparation, participants and the destination of the trip can be conferred on the site of the expedition.