After few generations in which authoritarian education was the model prevailing and after a few years in which it seems that it has reigned in a rebound from the previous, overly permissive education, many parents, with the help of his instincts and with the support of literature and some scientific evidence have decided to raise their children in a way somewhat different than usual which is known as a natural parenting or attachment parenting.

Most of those who follow this current (myself, because I believe that I am still their principles) we stand for the same things: We slept with our children, our women breastfeed for an extended time, we prefer to take the kids close to body and not so much in the strollers, defend the natural childbirth and try to avoid any kind of punishment, whether physical or verbal , among other things.

We are defending our way of raising as best for babies, basically because it is the one we use (would be absurd to say that we educate our children, by choice, in the way that we believe is not the best), but we understand that ways of raising a child there are hundreds, and that each family must make their own choice.

Us referred by our actions rather than by our principles and that is why I write this post, motivated by other colleagues of other blogs, that in his day the same question: exist a Natural breeding pack: natural childbirth, co-sleeping, no vaccines, baggage handling, feeding demand, vegetarianism, etc?

Yes, the pack there is & #8230;

I want that all you and you us draw your answer to the question posed, but as I can’t be me quiet, I offer my response to the debate and in another entry it will explain everything in more detail.

Yes, the pack there, or I think. Sometimes I read in forums to mothers saying “ I want to practice natural parenting, but I don’t know how ”, “ I’m trying to co-sleeping, but we get ”, “ I think that I will not be well received, because I’m giving the bottle to my son, since I could not give the chest as I wanted to ” and similar things that show that there are mothers who think that raising with attachment to your child means to mark all the boxes from the list that You can see above as image.

I’m not crianza-natural – intern

You know what my philosophy of parenting and my way of seeing things as a parent and know that you could make more of the boxes from the list, however the concept of the pack is wrong, as well as exclusive and somewhat pedantic. I’m not crianza-natural – intern within the meaning of the label. I.e. Yes follow the principles by which this type of breeding is governed, but is not something that I go saying out there: “ is not, I practice natural parenting ”, as if outside a method, because when that is understood as a method is transformed into something that is done to achieve a goal.

Which carries out a method looking for a result and if as it runs it is observed that the results are not favorable question method or changed by another, because methods respond to targets and objectives, over time, should be evaluated.

Why say that I do not practice anything nor frame boxes anywhere, why not tell people “ Hey, could make natural parenting, that as going well ” or “ test to crianzanaturalizar, that your children will be better ” and why I believe that the people who spoke of the attachment parenting as a pack, as a method, is wrong. Things must be done because you think that they have to be like that, not to get something.

Real people talking of a “ pack ”?

Yes, and some readers of this blog have commented sometimes explaining stories of mothers who have been told things as “ do you not colechas? Then you’re not of the mine ”, “ if you give baby bottle can not say you do natural parenting ” or “ if you put vaccines are not respecting your child & #8221;.

Comments of this kind very little help to those who truly strive to offer the world a vision of parenting in which the child is not evil, is not a tyrant, is not a driver or an opponent’s parents but a person in training who wants and requires contact and affection of parents to learn from them how the world in which he lives is. I repeat: with them and not against them.

I say that they help little for one simple reason, natural parenting are not a series of items that must be marked to be part, they are not requirements that one must meet to be part of a club. Natural parenting is to fulfill a premise, only one. A single list consisting of a single line consisting of a single word: Respect.

Natural parenting is respect and nothing more

The axis of the natural breeding is respect, because the natural breeding is not more than that: respect to children and their needs, their liberties and ours and accompany them in the way that they choose how to live, but always teaching them to return the same respect that has taken them to the world and showing them that others have the same right to be free.

In the list that you see at the beginning of the entry, it would only be able to make three or four lines in terms of compliance (although Yes would make more in terms of philosophy) and there are mothers who deeply respect their children may remain in two. There is even nothing respectful or authoritarian mothers able to check them all and that I would not consider fellow sufferers (or with a common thought in terms of breeding).

For this reason There should be a package that tells you what practices or leave practice but a very simple philosophy, based on respect to children and others in general.

Tomorrow we continue with this entry to provide the vision of natural parenting in each one of the points of the list.