Exercises of Crossfit to Do at Home and Lose Weight

The crossfit is a type of high-intensity training which should be done ideally in gyms or studios training to be adequate, not only to avoid injury but mainly to that the exercises are gradually adapted to the needs and physical fitness of each person.

However, there are some exercises and basic movements that are safe enough to be done at home for those who want to try the sport or for those who have little time to go in the academy.

Usually, the exercises of crossfit help you lose weight and lose fat, since they are made with great intensity, leading to a large expenditure of energy and calories. In addition, they also help in toning the muscles and developing strength and flexibility, because the person exercises, at the same time, muscles, joints and tendons.

1. Jumping jacks

The jacks, technically known as jumping jacks, is a great exercise for the stage of heating, since it does increase the rhythm of the heart, in addition to warm the muscles and joints and contributes to the increase of motor coordination, because it involves movements of the arms and legs.

Exercises of Crossfit to Do at Home and Lose Weight 1

To do this exercise you should:

  1. Stay on feet: with the legs closed with his hands resting against the thighs;
  2. Open and close the legs:open and close the legs giving a small jump, without leaving the place and, at the same time, raise your arms above your head, touching with one hand in the other, and turned to descend, touching with the hands on the thighs again.

The movement of the legs resembles the motion of a pair of scissors to open and close, and it is important to try to always keep the same pace.

2. Push-ups

The flexion is an exercise in relatively simple, but very complete and important to increase the strength of the arms, chest and belly. The closer the hands, the more he works the arm, and the more the hands are apart, the more it works the chest.

To do this exercise you should:

  1. Lie on the floor:should-lie down on the ground with belly down;
  2. Position of hands:place palms of hands on the floor, away to the level of the shoulders.
  3. Get on board:stretch your arms and stand with the body straight, horizontally. This is the start and end position of the push-ups;
  4. Bend and stretch your arms: you should flex your arms, playing with the chest on the floor and then rise again by pushing the ground with the force of arms to return to the position of the surfboard.

The number of push-ups can be increased according to the increase of the force over time or even become more complex, being made with only one arm, with the arms supported on top of a bank, or hitting a palm between the bend and stretch of the arms, for example.

Exercises of Crossfit to Do at Home and Lose Weight 2

3. Pistol squat

The pistol squat, which can be called squats with a leg, contributes to increased strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. In addition, it helps develop the muscles of the core, which are the muscles of the abdominal, lumbar, gluteal and hip.

To properly make the pistol squat you should:

  1. Standing:with only one foot supported on the floor and with arms straight to front;
  2. Do squats:the leg of the foot that is not touching on the ground must be extended in front of the body, and after that, you must play the hip down and back, keeping a small inclination of the trunk, all the way down.

It is important that while doing the squat if you keep the abdomen contracted, to balance the weight of the body.

4. Jumps to the box

The jumps to the box, also known for boxjumps, are part of an exercise that, in addition to helping to improve the capacity of cardiorespiratory, also works all the muscles of the leg and buttocks, helping tone.

To do corretamento the exercise you should:

  1. Standing: keep your feet apart to shoulder width apart, a comfortable distance from the box;
  2. Back squat: you should get away your feet shoulder width apart, bend the knees, throw the hips down and the butt back, and stretch your legs to return to starting position. See how to do the squat correctly.
  3. Jump to the top of the box: you should extend your hips, swing arms, and jump to the top of the box, landing both feet fully on top of the box. Then, you should bounce back and repeat the squat.

The height of the box should depend on the height of the person and the ability to push forward, to prevent falls and injuries.

5. Ball on the wall

Exercises of Crossfit to Do at Home and Lose Weight 3

The exercise ball into the wall, technically known as wall balls, it is an exercise very complete because if you work the legs and arms in one movement and is made with a ball medicinal.

In the execution of this exercise you should:

  1. Standing:with feet apart to shoulder width apart facing a wall;
  2. Do the squat: should pull away from the feet to the shoulder width, bend the knees, throw the hips down and the butt back, and extend your legs to return to the initial position;
  3. Shoot the ball to the wall:you must throw the ball to the wall, stretching your arms forward and up;
  4. Catch the ball: while the ball drops, you should catch the ball and return to squat and launch.

Workout plan crossfit to do at home

The workout of crossfit should be a workout short, but very intense and that helps to burn energy and calories. A workout of crossfit should start with a warm up, to prepare the body for the intensity of the exercises and end with stretching to help your muscles recover.

The time of each training session depends on the pace with which each person does the exercises, however, should be made as soon as possible.

In addition to the training, the person who trains crossfit should have a diet rich in green leafy vegetables, lean meats and seeds and should avoid processed foods and refined, such as sugar, biscuits and ready meals for consumption, for example.