In keeping with the different exercises to carry out in our homes this Christmas keep the muscles toned for as long as we are going to be without going to the gym, today we will focus on the shoulders. This muscle group is formed by small muscles that do not need such intensive training session as the pectoral or dorsal, are going to perform simple exercises to keep this part of the body active and with a proper tone.

First of all we must have prepared what we will be required to work this part. Of course that as we all don’t have some cufflinks in our House, and much less in the vacation spot. For this reason we will choose a number of instruments that will serve an alternative. Us us decantaremos by two cans of paint that will make the times of cufflinks, and it is that we can also choose the weight.

To work your shoulders at home simply suffice with simple exercises. We are going to highlight one for each part of the shoulder. First we are going to carry out side elevations. We mustn’t paint cans by the handle and placed in front with the back straight and feet slightly apart will soar arms of laterally up to the height of the shoulders, so that the arm is parallel to the shoulder. It is important to make this movement slowly and leisurely, since with just the weight of the cans of paint will help us to not lose the tone while we are on vacation. With this exercise incidiremos on the deltoid.

Another exercise to have an impact on the round child, known as the front of the shoulder, we’ll make it stand. The starting position is the same as in the previous year, just that this time we are going to raise the weight in front. It is important that we are kept straight staring at the front, with your back straight and your feet slightly apart. We must do the exercise slowly, affecting the most on the part of the shoulder and alternating movement with both hands.

To work the part of the round more or the back of the shoulder simply we must place inclined so that the legs are straight with your knees slightly bent and bending the waist should place the trunk parallel with the floor. In this posture, and grabbing a can of paint in each hand must raise your arms behind the trunk, making the movement known as birds, concentrating all the thrust in the back of the shoulder. It is important for all movement is made at the height of the chest, keeping this angle.

We can work with the same cans of paint the trapezium, Standing straight with your arms relaxed and straight body seizing a boat in each hand. In this position We will rise the shoulders up trying to touch the ears with them. We must simply get to where you can and endure a few seconds above all. At any time we have to bend the arms, since all the thrust should concentrate on the flying trapeze.