Eleuthera, Bahamas

By | November 26, 2022

When someone informs in the company of his friends or colleagues that he is going to rest in the Bahamas, he cannot avoid envious glances, because everyone dreams of setting foot on the snow-white sands of the paradise islands, sung in films and idealistic commercials. Of the huge number of islands that make up the archipelago, several are considered large and worthy of your tourist attention. One of these oases, where thousands of tourists flock every year with suitcases full of swimsuits and sunscreens, is Eleuthera (from the Greek “free”), a small island that is considered an elite vacation spot for the “powerful of this world”.

The island is very long and narrow – 180 km long and in some places only about 2 km wide, it is small, but it amazes with endless, sparkling white sand beaches, shimmering with pink mother-of-pearl in places, and sprawling tamarind trees, whose height reaches 9 meters. Not far away, the most charming island of the Bahamas, Harbor, looks out playfully from the turquoise water, where the richest and most famous people in the world prefer to relax.

Now several hotel complexes are being built on the island at once: worth 300 million USD in Cotton Bay and Powell Point.

How to get there

There are three airports on Eleuthera: North (North Eleuthera Airport), as the name implies, serves the northern region of this paradise, including Harbor Island and the popular Spanish Wells area. The second airport – Governor’s Harbor is located in the center of the island, and the third – Rock Sound Airport is located in the south of Eleuthera.

According to baglib, Bahamasair flies every day from the capital Nassau to all three airports. In addition, flights from Florida (USA) arrive here, for example, Continental flies from Miami, and Delta flies twice a week from Atlanta.


It is impossible to get lost on Eleuthera – there is only one road that stretches along the entire island. The best way to get around is on your own two feet, but the curious can also rent a car (from 60 to 125 USD per day, it is better to contact the reception desk in your hotel, and not look for third-party rental companies).

From the airport, the easiest way to get to the hotel is by taxi, but it is expensive. It is worth considering in advance which airport will be closer to your hotel, since the journey from the south of the island to the north will cost about 180 USD.

Of particular interest is the Cave of the Priest or Pilgrim, which was a haven for ancient adventurers and pirates who escaped from sunken ships in the 17th century.

Entertainment and attractions of Eleuthera

You can change the sunbathing for a short excursion to the loyalist village of Dunmore, where houses and streets have preserved traces of 200 years of history. These are not the only Haitian settlements that can vividly illustrate the life and traditions of a unique people.

Of particular interest is the Cave of the Priest or Pilgrim, which was a haven for ancient adventurers and pirates who escaped from sunken ships in the 17th century. The first divine services heard by the inhabitants of the Bahamas were performed by a priest temporarily living in the famous cave. Hence the name.

The northern part of the island is rewarded with dizzying cliffs, a line of which is called the Devils Ridge and which is connected to the rest of Eleuthera by the natural bridge “Glass Window” (or Glass Window Bridge, Glass Window Bridge). This isthmus valiantly separates the seething dark waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the blissful azure of the Caribbean Sea. But admiring the striking contrast of the waters, it is worth remembering to be careful: violent sea waves can wash away not only a person, but also more serious objects.

Spanish Wells is one of the districts of Eleuthera and a settlement on the small island of Saint George’s Cay, 1.5 km from the island (800 meters wide and 3 km long). Spanish Wells is famous for its magnificent pineapples.

The best beaches are Ocean Hole and Lighthouse Beach on the southern tip of the island.


The main delicacy of Eleuthera is the coastal depths, inhabited by exotic, picturesque marine animals, on which lovers of diving and water sports come together. Sharks, dolphins, rays, reef fish, angelfish, moray eels, and most importantly, the amazing beauty of the corals that Eleuthera is famous for, become the subject of admiration for millions. In addition, especially diligent scuba divers can come across the wreckage of ancient ships, the fate of which was cut short by a crash or a fatal battle with the enemy off the coast of the Bahamas. For diving, as well as for a comfortable stay, you should choose the period from November to May.

3 things to do on Eleuthera

  1. Visit a haunted house that was once abandoned by a couple in love in the midst of a wedding feast, as you can see by looking through the dusty windows. Local boys even saw the silhouettes of ghosts, and it’s worth checking it out for yourself.
  2. Play a game of basketball with local Bahamian teenagers who hang out on the playground around the clock and, thanks to this, have high ball possession.
  3. Order a dish of konka, a huge shellfish seasoned with spices, vegetables, and lemon juice. It is served in every establishment in Eleuthera. The cost varies depending on the skill of the chef.

Eleuthera, Bahamas