The electro-stimulation, is a technique of passive muscle work (can be combined with active techniques) that acts on the motor points of the muscle, causing the muscle contraction in the area through a series of currents regulated by an appliance.

The business trend increase the advertising in the sale of products electrical stimulation requires a reflection on the bases This sports and therapeutic resource for knowing discern commercial verbosity of the scientific and technical references.

When can you resort to this type of elements?. It should have from the beginning that the passive activity will never be so natural and effective as the active, so electrical stimulation should not be an option that replaces natural sports. Having said that, let’s look at situations in which it can benefit us:

    • After one surgical intervention. When a particular injury or his subsequent surgery advise against or make impossible work of muscle potentiation, we will help you recover the tone and muscle volume prior to intervention.
    • As complement the work of bodybuilding. Above all will bring an improvement in the vascularization the area and an increase of the metabolism, what it will do to muscle fibers that are more sensitive to growth and proliferation.
    • In the therapy of reinnervation. To aid recovery of certain problems of innervation of muscle belly, favoring the reinnervation of the damaged structure that, through stimulation, induced that “memory” needed to help to that nerve again to be able to stimulate new muscle.

Here ‘easy’ part: How can electrical stimulation help us?. How difficult is to find the proper appliance to achieve the objective sought and more complicated still, calibrate it in such a way that the defined program to be effective. The most advisable is to contact a specialist in physical education, sport or therapy and consult specifically our case.