Electric Scheme Pineapple Caravan 7 And 13 Poles

A few weeks ago coming back from a camping noticed that the lights were not working caravan.

As recently that I have, I thought I had some kind of electrical fault but when you reach the parking went back to check and worked well.

I forgot the topic (big mistake) and clear .. at the next exit again the lights were not working.

I dismounted the pineapple caravan  and I realized that the problem was simple .. just l os wires entering it and coming from the caravan were loose.

I looked for an internet connection diagram pineapple 7 pin to see where I was going each power cable and put itback.

I found this:


Following the color scheme it was very easy to reposition again all the cables in place.

The connection of the caravan is 7 poles , and (in one of my rookie mistakes) I put the car also pineapple 7 (trailer)

So I have inner light when connected to the car.

To have it you have to “cheat” and make a direct connection from the battery to the number pole 2 pineapple car. Of course you have to put some switch for fog light when we pass the ITV work.

It should also place a fuse to avoid problems.  It’s one of the things that I have pending.