Do the Exercises After Studying Consolidates Memory

Go to the gym, go for a run or do any other physical exercise that make you sweat the shirt until 4 hours after study is able to consolidate the memory, improving learning. It is believed that this improvement of the memory is connected to the increase of the blood circulation to the brain and to increase the production of catecholamines which are provided for the exercises. However, it is not any physical exercise that has this benefit, because you need an intense workout for at least 30 minutes.

The ideal is a training with 80% of maximum heart rate that should be guided by a coach, but you can also do an intense walk for half an hour daily, after the studies to achieve this benefit. But remember that it is necessary to accelerate the heart rate with exercise, and so going to the mall does not count as a walk.

Typically, the memory reduces after the age of 50 due to the natural aging process that causes the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain responsible for memory, decrease. However, with only 40 minutes walk per day 3 times per week, it is possible to avoid the decrease of the hippocampus and even promote their growth, which also improves memory.

Do the Exercises After Studying Consolidates Memory 1

Strategies to improve memory while you exercise

To further improve the memory and remember everything you studied, you can:

1. Tell a story

Try to walk or run with a friend and tell them how was your day, or even tell you exactly everything that you saw in the novel, a movie or a series, trying to tell also the details and the names of each character. But if you are studying for a test, try to teach your friend everything that you know already.

2. Learn the lyrics of the songs

If you do not have company and will have to run or walk alone, try to memorize the lyrics of the music and if the song is not in Portuguese, try to translate mentally.

Do the Exercises After Studying Consolidates Memory 2

3. Think about one thing at a time

When we are with the full head and can’t get in the right focus may be necessary to focus the attention on only one problem and try to find solutions for it, and if you choose not to take any decision, to put this issue aside and not to think back on it, giving space for another thought.

Thus, if during physical activity you feel mentally tired and unable to put into practice the first two tips, try to focus your mind on only one subject, which can be, for example, pay attention in your breathing and on the movements of the chest when the air goes in and out of the lungs. This strategy also helps to improve memory because it releases excess stress related to a head full of problems and concerns.

Also, not to forget anything and not be afraid of suffering from Alzheimer’s, it is also recommended to do daily games that stimulate the brain such as Sudoku, crossword or word search puzzles, because the mind becomes more active, facilitating the connections between the neurons, activating the memory.

Do the Exercises After Studying Consolidates Memory 3