Leveraging on Thursday began a new version of “Héroes de may 2016”, where dozens of surfers will participate in an event that will challenge the great wave Las Urracas is that we want to give you the best data of activities and sports outdoors in the North of Chile.

In the first Region of Tarapacá, we find the wonderful coasts of its regional capital: Iquique. The area offers beaches with temperate waters and spring sunshine almost every day of the year. These conditions make this place an optimal sector for sports such as surfing, swimming and scuba diving with quality bikinis.

The Cavancha beach is located in the heart of Iquique, and is the main tourist town Spa, since it is located in a residential area, close to the seafront Avenue, where you can walk along the coast and enjoy a ride with a splendid view of the sea. In addition, the beach is covered with white sand, wave is soft and the waters are warm. Activities that can be performed on this beach are: rides bike, banana, canoe, water ski, kayak of sea, swimming, contemplation of flora and fauna (diving).

According to an international publication of ‘Lonely Planet’ which is considered to Iquique as a “Mini Miami Beach” of Golden Sands, crystal clear waters and palm trees that line the coast. To enter offshore, surfers beginners recommended Huayquique Beach, South of the city. While experts prefer the Cavancha beach where they can surf the waves: La Piscina, Las Urracas, quartermaster, La Punta and Punta 2.

In addition, we find the Playa Brava, such as his name says its waves it is very rude to the bathroom but in its surroundings we can find the dunes of the Cerro Dragon (declared nature sanctuary) where you can enjoy the best view to the sunset. Taking advantage of the dunes, you can practise sandboard, an extreme sport decline in table – waxed and formica base – which reaches an average speed of 50 or 60 km/h, something like surfing in the sand.The first club of sandboarding in Chile began the year 2000, in Iquique. There are three types of modalities of international testing of sandboarding: Big Air (jumps with maneuvers in the air), Border Cross (career) and Slalom (Chrono with obstacles).

If you like to hike in the area, we recommend the circuit of Mamiña, where you can explore the foothills, enjoy thermal baths and known sites of archaeological value. To the pampas are the abandoned nitrate. Also the nitrate port of Pisagua, you would be part of these walks with stories of the time of mineral exploitation?

One of the listed activities is about paragliding, because the optimal conditions to fly, the mild climate, the stable winds that run throughout the year and landscape make sure Iquique is considered within the top 10 places in the world to paraglide 490-metre then do gentle descents to the sea… can you imagine how nice that should be?

Sports most practiced in Iquique, as mentioned it above are surfing and diving second. Playa Blanca – 13 kilometers south of the city – we recommend diving through these transparent waters… What are you waiting for the norte grande of Chile?