In this review, we assessed the sleeping bag imported and sold by Dalar Store. Is a sleeping bag with goose down to freezing temperatures and to be used on the ice. Is a sleeping bag for extreme cold, very comfortable, very bulky, very heavy and very cheap! Grants below the detailed features of this product.
Size: the sleeping bag is really long! The total length is 2.15 m being the only body part length of 1.90 m. at the widest part (shoulders) he has 70 cm.
Format: its format is like Mummy, sarcophagus or “cone”, IE, with part of the feet narrower and wider shoulders.
Filling: second manufacturer is filling of feathers, which requires extra care to wash.
Coupling on bicyclebazzar: The sleeping bag can be coupled with other similar, at zipper, to create a double sleeping bag. To be able to do so make sure you buy two bags the same, being a “L” Left and “R” Right.
Temperature: it is for cold, cold, negative temperature meeesmo. The temperatures indicated are:
Comfort temperature: 5° C to -25° c.
Extreme temperature: -37° C.
Weight: for those who think of taking for a trekking there is the downside of the equipment: the sleeping bag weighs 2.30 kg! For those who don’t want to venture with him on her back that information doesn’t make much difference.
Volume: it is quite bulky. It’s a big boy! When stored in the carry bag he gets 80 cm in circumference and about 45 cm tall.
But the carry bag comes with a compression system to decrease a little bit, but maximum can decrease a little embarrassing about height of 37-38 cm tall.
Color: This we reviewed was green (almost phosphorescent!). Inside it felt like a caterpillar!
But the store has also orange.
Other Details
Hood: hood to accommodate the head and comes with cord to close the side and avoid excesses and air intake.
Collar: Has heating collar closed with velcro, to avoid heat loss on the part of the neck.
Zipper: Has zipper on the side, but not until the feet.
Inner pocket: it has small inside pocket closed with velcro.
Velcro: all velcros have “2 males and 1 female” so that you don’t ruin the fabric when not in use.
Storage: the first time you open the package you will see that the bag comes rolled up, but that’s not the best way to store it. If possible when you’re with him at home keep it open or hung on a hanger or the spaghetti straps that it owns. If possible put it in a plastic bag (like those of party dress). This is the best way to maintain the durability of the feathers and heating efficiency. He is protected from dust and humidity and the feathers are not compressed and crushed.
Put the sleeping bag inside carry bag only when it is taking him to their camps or trips. You don’t have to wrap, just punch it in there anyway. The less time the feathers stay crushed better! When you return from camp remove from the bag and let it breathe a little before storing.
If, for the sake of space, it is not possible to keep it open in the carry bag, but without compressing. The more loose feathers and the internal fibers stay better conservation.