A few days ago I encouraged on HowStuffWorks to design your own sports combination. On this occasion you’ll an example of varied sports.

In preparing this weekly program two factors taken into account in the first place: Sport and spare time a week objectives. Want to know where to get?.

  • Objectives: achieve a high caloric expenditure that facilitate a loss of mass in an overweight person and increase muscle strength in arms, shoulders and back to withstand a daily work of great effort.
  • Spare time a week: forty-five minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The available time is most often limit our sport. In this case, two sessions per week seems too short, so it is suggested to add some time everyday which is modified transport automated by walk or bike. Is integrated into the daily activity go to work by bike (20 kilometres more or less plain) and return by train.

As for sports sessions, you choose to make thirty minutes of weights dumbbell and exercises of biceps and triceps for arms, deltoid for shoulders and appliance with chest and back bar. Includes four series of abdominal various good bikinis.

Complete with fifteen minutes of swimming to fathom, trying to propel the body especially arms and slow, wide movement to generate a good elasticity and oxygenation of the muscles of the upper train (which will facilitate effective muscle operation).

Finally, the programme is completed with a weekend activity (Saturday or Sunday, morning, afternoon, or night), when it can “steal” fifty minutes, consisting in Lightweight race for easy travel. To devote one day a week, intensive efforts can not be done because there won’t be a regular activity.

This program seems reasonable to be gotten in a realistic way the proposed objectives.