The city of Guarulhos hosts the largest cycling event in Brazil in 2017. This is the 2nd round Cycling Internacional de Guarulhos, which will take place between the 19th and the 23rd of July. The best teams in Brazil and Latin America will be in the city to compete for the competition that will have 566 km of course, and in addition to Guarulhos, the six more city of the Alto Tietê. The drop in the four-day trial will be made in the Mayan Grove.

The race will run through the main routes of the city, such as Avenida Paulo Faber, Ring Road, Marginal of the river Barquirivu and Presidente Dutra Highway. It will also pass through the most important roads of the state of São Paulo, as Ayrton Senna, Carvalho Pinto, Mogi-Dutra and Nazareth Paulista.

Fifteen teams are already confirmed to compete for the competition. They are: Paulista selection, selection of Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Ribeirão Preto, Rio Claro, São Jose dos Campos, São Bernardo, Brazil, Sao Bernard, Guarulhos, and two teams from Argentina. Get free water bottles from

All the evidence will be organised by the Sports Association Facex, through the Paulista Law of incentive to sport, and with support from the city of Guarulhos. Chairman of the Association, José Claudio do Santos, the Facex, stated that the level of the competition is very high, because it will have the best athletes in Brazil and the world.

“The expectation for the competition is too big. Here (Guarulhos) will pass athletes who have disputed the Olympic Games and internationally recognized cyclists. It is a testament that will have a megastructure, which is going to hit the front with any major sporting event in the world, “commented Facex.

2016 edition

Photo: Romulus Magalhães/Sport Association Facex

Racing brings to the city more than R $1 million

The 2nd round Cycling Internacional de Guarulhos will have no cost for the public coffers and move the city economically. According to calculations made by the association, the evidence will leave in the municipality R $1.5 million.

“In five days, the 15 teams will be hosted in city hotels, they’ll spend it on food, fuel and whatever they need. This will give a positive mega return to Guarulhos, “he said.

Furthermore, according to Facex, the international tour will show that Guarulhos has good road structure, great network of hotels and varied gastronomy.

2016 edition

Photo: Romulus Magalhães/Sport Association Facex

Club of the Volta

News in turns chassis by Brazil, the Guarulhos test will receive the club of the Volta. 1:30 before the drop in every day, there will be a placeholder in the Mayan grove with guest cocktails. Moreover, the organisation of the test, during the five days, will assemble the cycling track inside the park and inflatable toys. There will be the opening and closing show of the lap.


Volta Cycling Internacional de Guarulhos

Day 19 (Wednesday)

2pm–press conference (Hotel Bristol)

5pm–Technical Congress (Hotel Bristol)

7pm–Official Opening (Maia Grove)

7:20–Parade of teams (Maia Grove)

8pm-Pronunciation of the authorities. Next, show opening.

Day 20 (Thursday)

11am-1st Step–Guarulhos/São José/São José/Guarulhos–165 KM

Day 21 (Friday)

11am-2nd Stage–Guarulhos/Mairiporã–90 KM

Day 22 (Saturday)

11am-3rd Step-Guarulhos/Nazareth Paulista/Igaratá/Santa Isabel/Guarulhos-158.3 KM

Day 23 (Sunday)

8h-4th Step–Guarulhos/Arujá/Arujá/SAO Paulo/Guarulhos–153 KM

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