Pedalli Costa Verde and Mar will go through 47 kilometers between Penha and Balneário Piçarras

Who loves riding bikes, meeting new places and discovering breathtaking tourist landscapes is invited to participate in the next edition of Pedalli Costa Verde and Mar. The cycling event will be held on Sunday (25/6) and will have 47 kilometers, with paths that will cross the towns of Penha and Balneário Piçarras.

The drop is scheduled for the 07:30 in the fishing and Parque Tironi, in Balneario Piçarras. The route includes the main roads of the city until the Penha arrives. In the neighboring municipality, the path will follow a large portion of the routes near the waterfront with return from the central area to the starting point. The estimate is that the participants return until 1:00 p.m., when lunch will be offered. The entire road will be flagged by the transit department.

As the route counts with lightweight and medium-level excerpts, the organization estimates the participation of cicloturistas of various ages and physical preparation. Even if the path is not of great difficulty, the recommendation is that all use the necessary safety equipment and participate in the event with the maintenance of the bike in the day. By stimulating the cycling, the Pedalli Costa Verde & Mar does not foresee the breaking of records or a competition. The idea is that everyone involved meets new locations and enjoy leisure moments with the bicycle, performing for production of photos in sights, hydration and interaction with the participants with cycling water bottles from

The Pedalli Costa Verde and Mar has become a traditional meeting of Cicloturistas in the region. The proposal was born five years ago with a workout of some friends, gained national proportion and each edition attracts more interested in Brazil and even Latin America. The last issue, held in April this year between the cities of Porto Belo and Bombinhas, counted on 660 registered in total, and more than 300 people ended up staying on the waiting list in case of withdrawal.

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