Event Awarded The Best Athletes Of The Year In 49 Modalities. Toronto Medalists Have Also Been Honored

To close the year with a golden key, athletes from 49 modalities celebrated the title of the best of the year at the Brasil Olímpico Award, organized by the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB), which took place on the night of this Tuesday, December 16, in Rio from January. Cyclists Henrique Avancini, Renato Rezende, Flávia Paparella and Kacio Fonseca were voted the best cyclists of the season.

With five titles accumulated, Renato Rezende, who is currently the main Brazilian BMX rider with cheap water bottle, got the best yet again and celebrated his recognition. “Being voted the best athlete of the year makes us happy to know that we are on the right track. This is my fifth prize, but it feels like winning for the first time. The atmosphere of the event is fantastic, could not close the season better, “said Renato.

Cyclist Kacio Fonseca was the best athlete of the year in Track Cycling, Flávia Paparella in Road Cycling and Henrique Avancini in Mountain Bike. For Avaniini, to be voted the best athlete of the year is a very positive and motivating recognition. “The Brazil Olympic Award besides being a great recognition for the athlete is a very good atmosphere. Being part of this sport party, alongside the great Olympic names of the Brazilian sport is always positive, an extra load of motivation for the following year. It’s a great opportunity and I’m very happy, “Avancini acknowledged.

The Brasil Olímpico Award also honored Pan de Toronto medalists with degrees awarded by the COB. The cycling was represented by athletes Flávio Cipriano, Hugo Osteti and Kacio Freitas, who took bronze medal in Team Speed, as well as Gideoni Monteiro, bronze in the Omnium. Also was honored the paranaense cyclist Amanda Kunkel, 14 years, that was highlight of the Student Games of this year, in Fortaleza.