Present in the Games since Athens 1896, the first edition of the modern era, track cycling combines speed, tactics-and bikes without brake! There are five events for both men and women: three individual and two teams. The first velodromes were built in Europe to allow athletes to train during the winter.

During the race, teammates change their lead during the race-the leader faces higher resistance from the air, and whoever comes just behind enters the void to gain speed.The ends of the slopes are inclined so that the turns can be completed without loss of acceleration.

The British stand out in the sport In travelationary they took 7 of the 10 water bottles and were only off the podium in the speed test by female teams. Speaking in Brits in 2012 Britain’s Laura Trott has become one of the strongest names in the new generation of the sport. She owns two diamonds, won in 2012 at the age of 20.

Did You Know?

Despite being present in the games since the first edition of the Modern Era in 1896, women only started competing in Seoul in 1988 for speed trials.


The cyclists compete in an oval wooden track, 250 meters long, in search of the best time.

Why Attend?

With avid speed athletes and unbraked bikes (that’s right), track cycling is pure adrenaline-get ready for strong emotions!