Oxygen is essential for life. Since we are born we breathe. It’s an act that carry out an unconscious and that we will accompany throughout our lives, as breathing It is the way we have to get the oxygen necessary to survive, but it can not only be as while we breathe we can get more.

In the breathing process we carry out two movements, the inspiration that we introduce air in the lungs, and the exhalation which is with which expel it. These movements that we totally automatic and unconscious can be very beneficial to our abdominal wall, Since this part of the body muscles we exercise with them. Breathing is very important and successfully run can be a good way of working the abdomen.

In carrying out respiration they come into play numerous muscles and tissues body that activate without realizing. When inspiration comes into operation the diaphragm that moves down and the abdomen swells. The opposite effect perform when we exhale, since the diaphragm moves up and the abdominal muscles contract inwards. This is the correct way to breathe, and while we carry it out we can exercise the abdominal wall without realizing.

We must not overlook the fact that throughout the day We breathe of 10,000 to 15,000 times, and it may be a good way to achieve optimal abdominal development. To achieve it is essential to be aware of the correct way in which we have to run the respiratory process. To achieve this we have to adopt a conscious breathing that we do control the movements of the abdomen.

With a conscious breathing, we can get a good muscle shape without hardly hear. The form of breathing must be marked, i.e. the inspire the abdomen to swell and upon the expiry will deflate entirely. We should note it as well to make a correct abdominal work. Initially this form of breathing will be fully aware, but little by little and as we go getting familiar with how to do it will be a mechanical act which will only.

Breathe so help us to not only strengthen the abdominal area, but We will work the pelvic and pectoral muscles. It is the way of breathing that used in yoga, and that we must extrapolate to our day to day. In running it is very important that we breathe so to improve not only our lung capacity, but we will be helping to tone one of the parts of our body that most concerns us.

Breathe consciously not only help our abdominals, but it will improve the oxygenation of the body, also helping us improve our psychological state, since a good breathing is the best way to get a complete relaxation.