Conclusions Four (intense) Months with Caravan

These last few months I discovered a new world and I goofed on numerous occasions. You could say I’ve learned “by the harsh” and I still have to learn a lot.

Before buying the caravan read many forums and articles, but most were people who had problems and pedia solution.Simple things like that out in the caravan, as riding an awning or like driving with the caravan barely commented.

Here are some things you did not know …

1) Maneuvering with the caravan in the camping is fucked up. And place it on the square can cost a lot. Often neighbors help you, and it ‘s one thing you should do your also when a new neighbor arrives. Enter it with the car to the plot requires a lot of skill and practice.

2) Never should arrive at night at the campsite. This seems obvious but it is not. This aggravates point 1, plus all dark becomes slower and worse.

3) The visits paid campsites. In most only if you exceed one hour between 4 and 6 euros per person. So if you invite all your friends to a barbecue please warn or prepare the portfolio.

4) Departures are at 12 as in hotels , but talking to the staff always let you out later if the space is not reserved.Something quite improbable. I think a stupid rule in the large campsites and especially out of season.

5) The caravan drain directly on the floor. So a bucket or below the toilet bowl is usually required. And remember to empty it from time to time if you do not want puddles near the caravan.

6) The fridge in the caravan is really small. So if you do at home and you fans to buy’ll have to play tetris to fit the food.

7) A toolbox is a must.  Because the basic maintenance you have to do your. It is easy to screw a mosquito net is released or a shooter loose, but the caravan is new.

8) The car jack does not lift the caravan. So if you have a flat tire, even if you can not spare wheel change will touch call insurance.

9) Empty chemical toilet is unpleasant. Therefore nothing to do with flip flops or without gloves. Not that smell like shit but a penetrating odor, besides being terribly toxic.

10) Plastic dishes is uncomfortable. Do not wash the dishes well and fly with ease. Melanin is better and metal cutlery.

11) The car can spend up to twice dragging the caravan. So travel with her ​​long distances can not be so cheap.

12) It is necessary to always carry the caravan auxiliary mirrors that do not serve almost for nothing. Just the cars are.

13) The wind is very dangerous. Especially at high speeds. It seems that can make you capsize. With wind always slowly.

14) The move is a great invention.   It consists of an electric motor that is coupled to the caravan and that allows you to fit the caravan on the plot with a remote control. It is expensive (over 1,000 euros) but to see people use leaves you with your mouth open, especially after I hit the sweaty father to put your caravan on the plot.

15) The stabilizer is another wonder. Another contraption attached to the launch of the caravan makes this just move the car.  The times that I forgot to connect the driving and the car was uncomfortable hitting jumps down the road.