We think that the sleeping bag It is only to be used in winter, but not.

Combi Sleeper’s Little Company can be perfectly used all seasons of the year, keeping your baby at the right temperature for your rest at night, being the only clothes you need to sleep, even without bed linen.

This compound of an inside for more cold nights cover and one exterior with removable sleeves for warmer nights.

There are two sizes. The smaller, slightly tighter, is for babies of up to one year to make feel more clothed while sleeping.

The other, more comprehensive, is for children aged 1 to 4 which allows greater freedom of movement in the bed.

A great advantage is that it has openings for the harness of the seat car and walk, so we can use it also as I have to exit.

It is a good safe alternative and practice if your child is usually open at night while you sleep.

They are 83 and 93 euros, depends on the size. You can get them from Mothercare.