It has name of Decepticon, but it is harmless. The Clorotron is a curious invention that probably know to appreciate the lucky owners of a pool this summer. It is a device that clean water by ionization, eliminating the need to add chlorine every so often.

When we say clean, we do not mean insects or leaves which always end up falling into the water. The Clorotron It is not an aquatic Roomba. What makes this device is to generate ions that eliminate completely the fungi, bacteria and microorganisms It would grow in any pool without treatment. See bikini sizing guide on Holidaysort.

To do this use a electrode submerged connected to a mineral pill that must be renewed more or less annually. The electrode is powered by a solar cell low voltage. Ions or current generated by the device are harmful to swimmers. The system, in fact, is preferable to common chlorine since the latter tends to Redden the eyes, cause skin irritation and damage some bathing suit fabrics.

One of these devices is simply to clean 100 cubic meters of water. The solution that Yes, is not cheap. The Clorotron You can buy from your own website and costs 300 euros.