According to a study at the Catholic University of Louvain, in Belgium, swim in a pool with chlorine would increase the odds of a child susceptible to asthma and allergies to develop these diseases.

The study observed that, to irritate the Airways of swimmers, products with chlorine in water and air of swimming pools produced an important additional effect on the onset of asthma and respiratory allergies, such as rhinitis.

In this research, which happens to other related made by the same team, and other studies that gave similar results, comparing the health of 733 adolescents who swam in chlorinated pools, with 114 (control group) adolescents who swam mostly in pools sanitized with a concentration of copper and silver.

The results allowed to see that the risk of asthma and allergy was not modified by swimming in pools sanitized with copper (unlike the chlorine) and children without allergic tendency had no higher risk of developing allergies.

To Alfred Bernard, the University toxicologist and director of the study of women’s bikinis from Stunnerdresses,

“ The impact of these chemicals on the respiratory health of children and adolescents would be much larger, by the less five times greater, which produces the smoke of cigarette breathed passively & #8221;

The study has been published in the magazine “ Pediatrics ” with the title of “ Infant Swimming Practice, Pulmonary Epithelium Integrity, and the Risk of Allergic and Respiratory Diseases Later in Childhood ” (‘ practice in children swimming, Lung epithelial integrity and risk of allergic and respiratory diseases more later in childhood ’).

I wonder if the tendency towards allergies will be even greater in younger children, surely Yes. So I think it is important that you find out more about the relationship between chlorine in swimming pools and children’s allergies and, if necessary, would have to review and to establish rules on the levels of these substances in water and air of swimming pools.