The Chilean Sebastián Lira overcame the barrier of 100 meters of depth in the form of diving in the Caribbean Cup in 2016, which is being performed in Honduras.

At 10:30 o’clock in the Roatan Island in Honduras the diver Sebastián Lira takes deep breath which can and begins to swim in search of a legendary brand, 100 meters of depth.

To low, their lungs are compressed and it begins to be sucked into the sea leaving flapping. After a minute and a half gets to the plate to take a velcro that serves as testimony and begins to swim to the surface. Have already left you some oxygen in your body to move, it must be efficient. Slowly begin the contractions of the diaphragm asking him to breathe. They come like waves, some more than others, strong but not listening to them and still swimming with cheap bikinis. Muscles begin to produce lactic acid, the legs begin to burn slowly, and the head to become nervous. It seems that it was not a good idea to lower, until 30 meters is a safety diver. Gives you encouragement with sounds and signs.”There is little! Give it yet!”

With 3 minutes and 12 seconds Sebastian comes to the surface and makes the Security Protocol in a clean manner. A deathly silence becomes 30 seconds hoping that stabilizes and not faint, until the judge asks “do you have the tag?”. Chile out of its hood black velcro and becomes the second South American to reach the 100 metres, achieving even done by the Venezuelan Carlo cost in 2004.

The 28-year-old, also holds the records of 55 meters without fins, 78 meters in free diving and 85 meters with fins.Lira is together with Daniel Arias, 40-year-old, in the Caribbean Championship. Arias achieved 10 national records and is his fourth participation in this tournament.