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How to Prepare for a Marathon

How to Prepare for a Marathon 1

To prepare to do a marathon you should run outdoors at least 4 times a week for 70 minutes to 2 hours. However, it is also important to do stretching and weight training to strengthen the muscles, and it is important with a teacher. Physical preparation …

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How to Take Bcaa Supplements

How to Take Bcaa Supplements 1

The BCAA supplements should be taken before and after training, as they help reduce muscle damage caused by exercise, increasing the formation of muscle. Generally, it is recommended to take 2 capsules 1 to 3 times per day, between meals and after workouts, to increase …

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Stretching Exercises in Pregnancy

Stretching Exercises in Pregnancy 1

The stretching exercises in pregnancy help relieve back pain, increase blood circulation, reducing swelling of the legs, and are also useful to carry more oxygen to the baby, helping it grow healthier. A lesson in stretching also helps in fighting constipation, and to relieve the …

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Exercises for After Cesaria

Exercises for After Cesaria 1

The exercises after the section serve to strengthen the abdomen and to combat the sagging of the belly. They can be started approximately 6 weeks after the birth of cesaria since the doctor has released the practice exercises and the healing is good. Exercises after childbirth …

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Exercises to Do in Double

Exercises to Do in Double 1

Training two is an excellent alternative to maintain physical form, since, in addition to increasing motivation to train, it is also very easy and practical, do not need to use machines or spend a lot of money in the academy. This is because, the training …

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How to Control the Pressure With Exercises

How to Control the Pressure With Exercises 1

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, can be controlled with aerobic physical activity such as walking or swimming, but must be combined with exercises with weights, such as weight training in the gym and, to be effective, it must be performed 3 times per …

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How to Choose the Best Sport for You

How to Choose the Best Sport for You 1

Did you know that not everyone can play sports? Despite being very able to the idea that to be healthy has to do physical activity, there are certain sports that are not always the best option. Both in sport, as in physical activity it is possible …

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Understand What Is Doping in Sport

Understand What Is Doping in Sport 1

Doping in sport is when an athlete uses banned substances to stimulate the growth of muscles and improve performance and physical strength in general, achieving the best results in the sport that you practice. During sports competitions like the Olympics and World Cup, the athletes …

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8 Tips to Gain Muscle Mass

8 Tips to Gain Muscle Mass 1

To gain muscle mass, you must do weight training exercise at the academy, respecting the guidelines of the trainer and following a diet rich in proteins, being very important to give time for the muscle to rest, so that you can grow. This care is …

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The Best Exercises to Eliminate Belly

The Best Exercises to Eliminate Belly 1

The best exercises to eliminate belly are those that work the entire body, spend lots of calories and strengthen multiple muscles at the same time. This is because these exercises will increase the muscles, raising the basal metabolism, making the individual to burn more fat even …

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