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There are other lapitas sites in Tonga, New Caledonia and Samoa. Over the centuries, however, the Lapitas’ knowledge of pottery was lost.

The ruins of a former huge missionary church on the island of Aneityum are worth seeing. Up to five hundred believers could find a place in the church.

A must-see is the Vanuatus Cultural Center in Port Vila. There you can rarely see finds from the South Pacific and get an excellent overview of the geology, history and customs of Vanuatu.

Nature lovers will certainly get their money’s worth in Vanuatu. The Vatthe Conservation Area National Park on Espiritu Santo Island is an absolute must. The active volcano Mt. Yasur on Tanna offers an impressive natural spectacle, especially at night. The inactive volcanoes Mt. Benbow and Mt. Marum on the island of Ambrym are also worth a visit. The landscape there alone is worth a look.

The thousand-year-old kauri trees on the island of Erromango are impressive. Despite the previous overexploitation, some of these trees have been preserved to this day.

The island of Gaua has a waterfall worth seeing, the water of which plunges from a height of over one hundred and twenty meters into the depth.

Nahgoi is one of the most popular sports on the island. This is diving on the islands of Pentecote and Malakula. As an inexperienced tourist, you should be content to watch.

Swimming with the manatees on Epi Island in Lamen Bay can certainly be an exciting experience.

Diving and snorkeling is also possible in Vanuatu. You can only explore the local underwater world or wreck diving here. A visit to the SS President Collidge in Espiritu Santo, which is lying on the ground, is definitely worthwhile.

Other possible sports on Vanuatu are fishing, deep sea nailing, surfing, sailing or windsurfing. For more information about the continent of Oceania, please check

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is a unique integral living organism included in the World Heritage List. Its length exceeds 2000 km. Situated along the reef, the tropical islands attract countless tourists from all over the world with their unique beauty: dazzling corals and coral reefs, white sand beaches, amazing marine life and great outdoor activities.… Read More »

Fiji Overview

(Republic of the Fiji Islands; Kai Vakarairai ni Fiji). State of Oceania (18,272 km²). Capital: Suva. Population: 881,065 (2013 estimate). Language: English, Fijian, Hindī (official). Religion: Christians 64.4%, Hindus 27.9%, Muslims 6.3%, Sikhs 0.3%, others 1.1%. Monetary unit: Fijian dollar (100 cents). Human Development Index: 0.724 (88th place). Borders: Pacific Ocean. Member of: Commonwealth, UN,… Read More »

Questions and Answers about the Crocodile

Is the crocodile a dinosaur? The crocodile is the terrestrial animal that has lived the longest on this earth. It has lived on earth for over 200 million years, and in the last 80 million years, there has not been much change in the evolution of the crocodile. Therefore, there have been many discussions about… Read More »

Vanuatu Business

Business According to countryaah, Vanuatu is one of the least developed states in the world. The industry is very limited, transport conditions are poor and the lack of educated, domestic labor is very large. About 70 percent of the population lives on agriculture. The traditional forage crop is copious, but production is uncertain due to… Read More »

Tuvalu Business

According to abbreviationfinder, TV is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Tuvalu. Tuvalu relies heavily on foreign aid in terms of both financial assistance and technical assistance. The largest revenues come from contributions from the Tuvalu Trust Fund (a fund established with assistance from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom), fishing licenses… Read More »

Tonga Business

Business According to countryaah, Tonga has for a long time had a weak economy, mainly due to severe weather that damaged export crops, high unemployment and inflation and extensive relocation. Agriculture accounts for just over 30 percent of employment. The most important forage crops are pumpkins, vanilla and coconuts, which for most years make up… Read More »

Solomon Islands Business

Business According to countryaah, most households are still self-sustaining, and only 10 percent of the population is employed in the market economy. In the 1960s, the Kopra area was the only export commodity, but since then business has expanded. The most important export product is now timber and seafood. For its own consumption, root vegetables,… Read More »

Samoa Business

According to abbreviationfinder, WSM is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Samoa. Samoa’s economy is relatively poorly developed. The economy has largely been based on agriculture for self-sufficiency. Agriculture’s share of GDP and export value are declining. There is some small-scale industry, and tourism is progressing. Over 1/3 of the state’s income consists… Read More »

Papua New Guinea Business

According to abbreviationfinder, PG is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Papua New Guinea. Despite rich resources in the form of minerals, forests and fish banks, Papua New Guinea is one of the least developed countries in the South Pacific. Poverty is widespread, and most people practice natural housekeeping. Only a small proportion… Read More »

Palau Business

Business According to countryaah, Palau’s business is largely based on financial support from the US, Taiwan and Japan. Despite this, the country has major financial problems, mainly as a result of a lack of investment in infrastructure and industry. In 1991, a major investment project for the construction of the island of Babelthuap was secured;… Read More »

New Zealand Business

According to abbreviationfinder, NZ is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of New Zealand. New Zealand’s isolated location and modest home market have periodically created financial problems. The business sector is mainly based on smaller industrial enterprises and the service industries. In the second half of the 1980s, a liberal market economy policy was… Read More »

Nauru Business

According to abbreviationfinder, NA is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Nauru. Business Phosphate-containing guano covers 4/5 of Nauru, and the economy is entirely based on phosphate extraction. Since independence in 1968, Nauru itself controls the revenue from production. According to countryaah, agriculture is possible only in the very narrow lowlands along the… Read More »

Federation of Micronesia Business

According to abbreviationfinder, FM is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Micronesia. The Micronesia Federation has a small business development. According to countryaah, the basis for the economy is assistance from the United States, a rapidly growing fishing industry, as well as agriculture and self-sufficiency fishing. Tourism has been growing significantly since 2000.… Read More »

Marshall Islands Business

Business According to countryaah, the foundations of the Marshall Islands business community consist of aid, service industry and self-sustaining agriculture; Of these, the service sector is clearly dominant. Outside of the official economy, most are engaged in agriculture and fishing. Kopra, coconut oil and in recent years also seagrass is exported. Trade and hotel and… Read More »

Kiribati Business

According to abbreviationfinder, KI is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Kiribati. Service industries dominate employment and accounted for 75% of GDP in 2002. Fisheries and agriculture had their share reduced from just over 25% in 1992 to 14.2% in 2002, but still employed 26% of the workforce. Coconuts are grown for sale… Read More »

Fiji Business

Business According to Countryaah, Fiji has an agricultural-dominated market economy. The most dominant forage crop is sugar cane, which accounts for 80 percent of total agricultural production. Other important agricultural products are coconuts, cassava and unpeeled rice. The country’s economy weakened dramatically in connection with the military coup in 1987 and the exit from the… Read More »

Australia Business

According to abbreviationfinder, AU is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Australia. Australia’s economy has traditionally been based on exports of agricultural products. Since World War II, the country has also become one of the world’s leading exporters of minerals. Australia’s isolated location has to some extent inhibited industrialization, but the authorities have… Read More »

Oceania Business

Oceania’s economy is largely centered on its two main countries: Australia and New Zealand. See Countryaah for details. Oceania’s economy is basically centered on Australia and New Zealand, due to the fact that these two countries together make up more than 90% of the continent and are the only two developed nations in the region.… Read More »