Comparison of 5 Backpacks for Ski Touring

Five backpack of ski touring The weight of your backpack you despair? You think that you cannot have the class with the same thing on the back? What the hell, read instead, 5 bags of ski touring models were selected to make your output remains perfect. TAOS 28 PRO of SALEWA 1550 grams of technology. Award-winning at the ISPO Awards last January, […]

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Materials and Accessories of the Backpack

Finally, here are some details on the technical characteristics of the backpacks and our tips for some accessories. The water pockets Almost all bags today offer an internal compartment in which you can insert your Pocket in water (which is nevertheless sold separately more often) as well as one or several holes for the tip. A fan of […]

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Sleeping Bag and Mat
Sleeping Bag and Mat 2

Maybe you plan to camp in the mountains? Or go camping on the sea this summer? If you first, you know what it takes to make your stay more pleasant and mostly relaxing, because you this idea?! For starters, consider what equipment you need to make your dream a pleasant and calm nights. For those […]

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Essential Tips for Hiking

How far can I go? When you go out in the woods and fields can be expected to catch about 3 km per hour. Then it is included to the terrain might be a little lumpy, to stop and look at things along the way and in a comfortable pace. How far you can go […]

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How to Choose Trekking Backpack
Trekking Backpack

The backpack is designed for those who practice hiking, its function is to contain the bare essentials to carry in the mountains. Read the guide (orginal website: to know the characteristics, types, and how to choose the best trekking backpacks by criteria of quality, price, offers and correct information to the consumer. Features The first […]

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What Are the Best Backpacks for Travelling

There is the matching backpack for every sport. Except for the sports clubs, training at the gym or for school sports: the required apparel is optimally in a sporty backpack store, with a customized distribution of interior and exterior pockets for the necessary separation of clothing and footwear provides. These range from the small day […]

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