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The interior of the continental Southeast Asia (Mekong) and the large islands, especially Borneo, which is covered with contiguous tropical rainforests, is increasingly being developed and populated. The population density is increasing in these areas.

The concentration of large metropolises is striking in South and East Asia. In the 2014 ranking of the world’s largest agglomerations, the top places were occupied by metropolitan regions in Asia. These include Tokyo, Jakarta, Delhi, Seoul, Mumbai, Manila and Shanghai. All of these cities – and many others across the region – have increased their population figures by double or more in the past decade or two, and sometimes even faster.

The main cause of this explosive growth was the great migration flow of our time, the rural-urban migration. This type of internal migration, since it is largely uncontrolled, leads to phenomena that can be seen in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, but also in other countries. Many people live in slums there. In Calcutta alone, with its approx. 4.5 million residents – around 14.1 million people live in the entire agglomeration – this affects around a third of the city’s population, according to estimates. The slums are no longer just on the outskirts of the cities, but increasingly also in the centers. For more information about the continent of Asia, please check

India Political Systems and Social Conditions

India’s independence was a long and arduous process. It began with the Indian National Congress, which was formed in 1885 by a group of Indian political activists. This group sought to increase the voice of Indians in their own country and eventually lead to independence from British rule. The leader of this group was Mahatma… Read More »

Sviyaga, Russia

Ski sports complex “Kazan” (popularly “Sviyaga”) is located near the Sviyazhsky Reserve at the confluence of three rivers: Sulitsy, Sviyaga and Volga. Today it is one of the largest ski resorts in central Russia. The resort received its curious name after the name of the river, a tributary of the Volga, on the right bank… Read More »

Aegean Coast of Turkey

The Aegean coast of Turkey differs in many ways from Antalya. The climate here is drier, and the entire resort infrastructure is located more compactly. On the coast of the Aegean Sea, as well as in Antalya, there are club-type hotels and city hotels. Check liuxers for customs and traditions of Turkey. It was on the… Read More »

Festivals and Public Holidays in Indonesia

Due to the huge diversity of ethnic groups and mixture of religions, Indonesia naturally has a huge number of cultural events taking place throughout the year. Many local holidays are no less colorful than big state events, so even in the absence of any official festivals, you can always get acquainted with many interesting folk… Read More »

Aleksandrov, Russia

According to A Country Blog, Alexandrov is located 40 km northeast of Sergiev Posad, almost in the center of the Golden Ring. The first settlement on the site of Alexandrov arose in the XIII century, called the Great Sloboda. It passed into the ownership of the Moscow princes in 1302. Sloboda began to revive after… Read More »

Attractions in Rostov-on-Don, Russia

On the main square of the city – Theater Square – there is a stele with the goddess of victory Nika, which was erected in honor of the liberation of Rostov-on-Don from the fascist invaders, the building of the Drama Theater and a whole ensemble of fountains, where local residents like to relax and stroll.… Read More »

Culture of Thailand

The culture of Thailand has developed over the centuries, influenced by the peoples of Asia. You can often hear how Siam is also called the “land of smiles”, which is not surprising: just look around at the always smiling and hospitable Thais – passers-by, shop assistants, children… And this is also one of the features… Read More »

India Population and Customs

POPULATION. 1991 – 865 million people, density – 263 people per 1 sq. km. For 10 years (1981-1991) the population grew by 24%. The average life expectancy for men is 58 years, for women – 59 years. For every thousand men, there are 929 women; this ratio has been observed since the beginning of this… Read More »

Georgia Brief History

According to Wedding in Fashion, Georgia is a state of Transcaucasia. The current Georgia roughly corresponds to the regions that the ancients called Colchis and Iberia. The Georgians formed their first nation state at the fall of the Macedonian empire and in the 4th century. their conversion to Christianity began. The social order based on the… Read More »

North Korea: A Baseless Blackmail?

North Korea confronts the world with the nuclear threat, boasting the ability to fire missiles at South Korea and Japan. He does not do it because he really wants a war or because he has a substantial political objective, but only to get a few million dollars in aid without losing face: he needs support… Read More »

Cities in Saudi Arabia

According to commit4fitness, Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy ruled by the sons and grandsons of the first king, Abdul Aziz. The head of state is the king. Criminal law is based on Sharia. The law prohibits discussion of the existing political system. The consumption of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited. The main population… Read More »

Goa, India

The magnificent state of Goa is located in the south of the magnificent country of India. The coastline stretches for 110 km. Goa is the most famous beach holiday destination in India. This state is quite different from the rest of India. It has its own special culture, and magnificent beaches and many attractions attract… Read More »

Vietnam Tourist Information

Going on the road, you should have a package with documents in your hands: a voucher, an insurance policy, an air ticket and a passport. It is necessary to arrive at the airport two hours before departure in order to have time to go through customs control. Vietnam Location. According to thesciencetutor, the official name… Read More »

Visit Worth Seeing Cities in Philippines

Here you will find study trips and round trips through the metropolises of the country Philippines Manila Discover Manila, the capital of the Philippines and the cultural, political and economic center of the country as part of a round trip. The city is home to numerous museums, theaters, buildings, parks, universities such as the National… Read More »

Syria Politics, Economy, and Society

Government and politics Syria has been a republic since 1963. In 1971, President Hafiz Al-Assada decreed a provisional Constitution, then in 1973 the current Constitution that defines Syria as a Democratic, People’s and Socialist Republic was approved in a referendum, based, among others, on the principles of equality before the law, freedom religious and private property. Every seven years… Read More »

Afghanistan Recent History

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, is a state of Southwest Asia (652,864 km²). Capital: Kābul. Administrative division: provinces (34). Population: 31,575,018 (2018 estimate). Language: Dari and Pashto (official), Uzbek. Religion: Muslims (Sunni 85%, Shia 14%), others 1%. Monetary unit: new afghani (100 puls). Borders: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan (N), China (NE), Pakistan (E and S), Iran (W).… Read More »

Lorentz National Park (World Heritage)

The Lorentz National Park on the island of New Guinea is the largest nature reserve in Southeast Asia with an area of ​​25,000 km². Its landscape is enormous: it ranges from around 5000 m high, snow-capped peaks to tropical coastal land. The national park is the habitat of an extremely rich, partly still unexplored fauna… Read More »

India Money and Culture

MONEY Currency 1 Indian rupee = 100 paises. Currency abbreviation: Rs, INR (ISO code). Banknotes are available in denominations of 2000, 500, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 rupees; Coins in denominations of 10, 5, 2 and 1 Rs as well as 50, 25, 20, 10 and 5 Paise. Note: 1 and 2 rupee notes and… Read More »

The 10 most dangerous bridges in the world

Suspension bridges, motorway bridges, pedestrian bridges – there are many types of bridges, but which bridges are the most dangerous and where can they be found? 10th place – the “Indoboard Bridge” (Indonesia) This bridge has to be listed among the top ten most dangerous bridges in the world, because as its name suggests, it… Read More »

History of Cambodia

802 | King Jayavarman II founds Cambodia 14.-15. Century | Cambodia loses most of its territory to Vietnam and Siam 1864 | Establishment of the French protectorate 1953 | King Sihanouk gains independence from France 1954 | Resignation of King Sihanouk in favor of his father 1960 | Election of Prince Sihanouk as head of… Read More »

India’s pearls

Join a tour during which you will see India’s top attractions! We travel along the so-called “Golden Triangle” and visit New Delhi, Jaipur and Agra and experience the world heritage sites that are usually on most Indian travelers’ wish list. During the trip you will, among other things, visit the lively city of millions of… Read More »

Laos and Thailand

Wonderful lazy days await you after a trip in Thailand to the famous Golden Triangle and an exciting journey along the mighty Mekong River. Our trip to Thailand and Laos includes highlights in two of Asia’s most fascinating countries. We discover exciting parts of Thailand far from the tourist crowds along the coasts. Sparsely populated… Read More »

Great Vietnam trip

This eventful journey begins in the capital Hanoi with its bustle of people, wide boulevards, charming alleys and swarms of alleys in the Old Town. In contrast to city life, you get to know life in a small village, before we make a wonderful boat trip in the fantastically beautiful Halong Bay with its sugar-top… Read More »

Içmeler Travel Guide

Içmeler is ideal for a peaceful beach holiday. Enjoy a full-service holiday near the city of Marmaris. Içmeler is part of the Marmaris region. The pros of the area are the safe sun and good sandy beaches. Içmeler is a peaceful holiday destination, but if you miss the hustle and bustle of a bigger city,… Read More »

Yemen Business

According to abbreviationfinder, YE is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Yemen. When the two Yemeni states merged into one formation in 1990, they not only had two different economic systems; they were also economically two different sizes. The Republic of Yemen (also called Northern Yemen) had a Western-oriented economic system, while the… Read More »

Vietnam Business

According to Countryaah, Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing economies. In 2017, the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) amounted to USD 223.78 billion. In 2017, the World Bank’s list of countries’ GDP ranked Vietnam in 40th place. Of the nine other ASEAN countries, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines then had a… Read More »

Uzbekistan Business

Business According to countryaah, Uzbekistan’s business community, like many of the other CIS states, still has clear traces of Soviet planning in the Soviet period. Independence has meant greater opportunities for local decision-making power over the resources available. However, relations with previous suppliers and customers have weakened, while at the same time the business sector… Read More »

United Arab Emirates Business

According to Countryaah, the biggest trading partners are  India, Iran, and Qatar. According to abbreviationfinder, AE is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of United Arab Emirates. Economy Inflation rate 2.00% Unemployment rate 1.6% Gross domestic product (GDP) 696,000,000,000 USD GDP growth rate 0.80% GDP per capita $ 68,600 GDP by sector Agriculture 0.90%… Read More »

Turkmenistan Business

According to abbreviationfinder, TM is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Turkmenistan. Business The Turkmenistan business community still carries clear traces of the central planning of the Soviet period. The privatization program, which started in 1992, has only included small businesses in commerce, crafts and other services. The extraction of gas and oil,… Read More »

Turkey Business

According to abbreviationfinder, TR is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Turkey. Measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Turkey is the world’s 19th largest economy (2019). Turkey participates in the G20. GDP per capita in 2019 was US $ 28,264, which was higher than in neighboring northwest, Bulgaria, but lower than neighboring west,… Read More »

Thailand Business

According to abbreviationfinder, TH is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Thailand. Business Thailand has long been a low-wage country that attracted labor-intensive operations from South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. At the end of the 1980s, Thailand was the country in Southeast Asia that, with its good location and political and economic… Read More »

Tajikistan Business

According to abbreviationfinder, TJ is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Tajikistan.  The economy of the Tajikistan is still predominantly agricultural, despite the small extent of arable land (7% of the land area, mostly mountainous and inaccessible). In 1991 agriculture provided about 44% of the gross domestic product and employed 45% of the… Read More »

Taiwan Business

According to abbreviationfinder, TW is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Taiwan. Taiwan has the world’s 16th highest gross domestic product (GDP). GDP increased by three percent in 2018. GDP per capita amounts to USD 25,530 (2019). In East Asia and Southeast Asia, only Singapore, Brunei, Japan and South Korea have a higher… Read More »

Syria Business

According to abbreviationfinder, SY is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Syria. Business In 2011, the internal protests in the country developed into real civil war (see also Syrian civil war). As a result, the country’s economy and infrastructure have been wasted. Economy Inflation rate 28.10% Unemployment rate 50% Gross domestic product (GDP)… Read More »

Sri Lanka Business

According to abbreviationfinder, SL is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a developing country and the economy has traditionally been based on agriculture and simple industry, and tea, coconut and rubber used to make up most of its exports. The textile industry, the service sector and the construction… Read More »

South Korea Business

According to abbreviationfinder, KR is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of South Korea. South Korea’s economy is a market economy with a high degree of state control. A strong export-oriented industry is the mainstay of the South Korean economy. China is South Korea’s most important trading partner. Historical development When Korea was divided,… Read More »

Singapore Business

According to abbreviationfinder, SG is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Singapore. Economics and business Since Singapore became fully independent in 1965, the country quickly industrialized. The government focused primarily on labor-intensive manufacturing but also on education and better infrastructure. The lack of natural raw materials would be compensated by the availability of… Read More »

Saudi Arabia Business

According to abbreviationfinder, SA is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Saudi Arabia. In less than a century, Saudi Arabia has undergone a dramatic social change, socially and economically, as a result of large revenues from its oil and gas deposits. The Kingdom is the world’s largest producer and exporter of oil, with… Read More »

Russia Business

According to abbreviationfinder, RU is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Russia. Business Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation is considered a market economy, and in 2016 the country was the sixth largest economy in the world. However, economy and business are still characterized by Soviet economic policy. Business… Read More »

Qatar Business

According to abbreviationfinder, QA is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Qatar. Qatar was previously one of the poorest areas in Arabia. The business sector included pearl diving, fishing and some nomadic food. With the extraction of the country’s petroleum deposits after World War II, and the country’s independence in 1971, Qatar has… Read More »

Philippines Business

According to abbreviationfinder, PH is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Philippines. 1946 «Independence» Independence meant no social change. The country was still characterized by the plantation economy. A US-Philippines trade agreement stipulated that there should be free trade between part two countries for 8 years and that North Americans should have the… Read More »

Pakistan Business

According to abbreviationfinder, PK is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Pakistan. Business Pakistan’s business sector is heavily dependent on agriculture, where just over 40 percent of the economically active population is employed. The country’s development strategy focuses on increased industrialization and reduced dependence on raw material exports. Unlike in India, since independence… Read More »

Oman Business

According to abbreviationfinder, OM is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Oman. Oman is located on the Arabian Peninsula, adjacent to the Gulf of Persia as well as the Red Sea. Oman, like other countries in the region, has used oil and gas deposits to develop the country, but – compared to other… Read More »

North Korea Business

Business It is extremely difficult to find information on business conditions and changes in North Korea. According to countryaah, objectives are published while actual conditions are often foregone. When the Korean Peninsula was divided after World War II, the best agricultural areas were included in South Korea, while just over 3/4 of the mineral resources… Read More »

Nepal Business

Business According to countryaah, Nepal is one of the least industrialized, least urbanized and poorest countries in the world. 75 percent of the working population are employed in agriculture. The manufacturing industry is very small and mainly located to the Kathmandu valley as well as eastern and middle Tarai. Important sectors are the food industry… Read More »

Myanmar Business

According to countryaah, Myanmar’s economy and business are characterized by being one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia and suffering from decades of stagnation, mismanagement and isolation. The lack of infrastructure and the lack of skilled labor in modern technology are a hindrance to Myanmar’s economy. According to abbreviationfinder, BM is the 2 letter… Read More »

Mongolia Business

According to abbreviationfinder, MN is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Mongolia. In the early 1990s, Mongolia introduced a series of market economy reforms and privatization programs that replaced a former socialist planning economy. The transition was difficult, among other things. because the country’s foreign trade in the past was almost exclusively with… Read More »

Maldives Business

According to abbreviationfinder, MV is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Maldives. Business The Maldives economy is mainly based on fishing and tourism. There is a shortage of cultivable land and there are no mineral resources. The fragmentation of the many islands impedes economic development. A large part of the population lives outside… Read More »