The “Catarinense Seminar on Cyclotourism Circuits” seeks to strengthen cycling in Santa Catarina, a state that stands out in Brazil in this segment.

Experts in tourism, operators, public technicians, students, educators and civil society will have the opportunity to know the advances and challenges of the sector and to jointly develop proposals for their development.

Date And Place

Date: November 26, 2015-08:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Venue: AMFRI Auditorium-Association of Municipalities of Foz do Rio Itajaí

Rua Luiz Gonzaga, 1655-São Vicente – Itajaí/SC

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8:30 a.m.-Opening: Representatives of

Organizing institutions

8:45 am-Costa Verde & Mar Circuit: Carlos Beppler and Henrique Wendhausen

9:25 am-Circuit Araucárias: Herberth Rafael Sprotte and Cleiton Dias

10h05-Coffee Break

10h20-European Tour Circuit: Ademir Winkelhaus

11h00-Circuit Accolhida in the Colony: Rosangela BonettiVanderlinde

11h40-Discussion with participants

12h30-Lunch break


14h00-Cycling and mobility-André Geraldo Soares-Union of Cyclists of Brazil

14h40-The cyclotourism market-Jonatha Jünge-Caminhos do Sertão Cycle touring

3:30 PM-Coffee Break

15:50-Final Plenary: Proposals and Referrals for the strengthening of cycling in Santa Catarina

5:30 p.m.-Closing


The Seminar is a free thermos flask open to the whole community.

The event is aimed at technicians and public managers, professionals and operators of tourism, tourism companies, civil society entities, educators, students and the general public

Entries for participants are limited to 100 places

The event hosts panels (posters, banners) for research, educational campaigns, innovative products and innovative services (4 panels will be selected)

Participants will receive a certificate


Discuss the situation and prospects of cycling in Santa Catarina;

To broaden the knowledge about cyclotourism in its economic, political, technical and cultural aspects;

Contribute to broaden the social understanding of the role of cycling tourism as a tourist alternative in the state;

Contribute to the development of bicycle use as a means of transportation in the cities addressed.

Cycle Touring Circuits In Santa Catarina

In addition to the four exhibitor circuits at the Seminar, Santa Catarina also has theVale Oeste Cycle Touring Circuit , in the AltoVale do Itajaí, launched in September 2015;

The launch of the Dona Francisca Cycle Touring Circuit in the region of Joinville is scheduled for March 2016.