Caroline County, Maryland Weather

By | July 22, 2023

According to, Caroline County, Maryland, is located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and is part of the Delmarva Peninsula. It has an estimated population of 33,000 people and was founded in 1773. The county covers an area of 518 square miles and is home to the towns of Denton, Federalsburg, Greensboro, Henderson, Hillsboro, and Ridgely.

The county has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1773. During the Revolutionary War, Caroline County was an important strategic location for both British and American forces. In more recent history, Caroline County was home to a thriving seafood industry that provided much-needed jobs for many local residents.

Caroline County offers a variety of attractions for visitors to enjoy. Nature lovers can explore the numerous hiking trails at Tuckahoe State Park or take in the views from one of the many scenic waterways in the county. Those interested in history can visit sites such as the historic courthouse in Denton or take part in a guided tour at one of Caroline’s numerous museums including The Choptank River Heritage Center and Museum.

Famous people from Caroline County include former Vice President Spiro Agnew who was born here in 1918; author Tom Clancy; actress Susan Sarandon; actor John Waters; and singer/songwriter Billie Holiday who grew up here during her early years before moving away to pursue her music career.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or historical sites – Caroline County has something for everyone. From its natural beauty and rich history – to its famous residents – this small corner of Maryland is sure to offer something unique that will leave visitors with lasting memories.

Climate and weather in Caroline County, Maryland

According to, Caroline County, Maryland, is located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and is part of the Delmarva Peninsula. Due to its location, Caroline County enjoys a humid subtropical climate. Summers in Caroline County are typically hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from the mid-80s to the low 90s. The area receives an average of 4.8 inches of rain in June and July. Winters in Caroline County are generally mild and damp, with temperatures usually ranging from the upper 30s to mid-50s. The area receives an average of 3.1 inches of snowfall annually, most of which falls between December and March.

The county experiences four distinct seasons throughout the year – spring, summer, fall, and winter – each offering its own unique weather patterns and climate conditions. During springtime in Caroline County (April through June), temperatures begin to rise as days become longer while rain showers become more frequent as well. Summers (July through September) bring hot temperatures along with heavy rainfall at times due to thunderstorms that may move through the area during this time period. Fall (October through November) brings cooler temperatures along with beautiful foliage colors as leaves change from green to red and yellow throughout the county’s many wooded areas. Finally, winter (December through March) brings colder temperatures along with occasional snowfall that can add a festive touch during this time of year.

Caroline County enjoys a moderate climate overall that makes it a great place for outdoor activities throughout all four seasons. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day on one of the many rivers or creeks or an outdoor adventure in one of its many parks – there’s something for everyone here.

Transportation in Caroline County, Maryland

Caroline County, Maryland is well served by a variety of transportation options. The county is located along the Chesapeake Bay and has access to major highways, air travel, public transportation, and rail services.

The main highway that serves Caroline County is US Route 50, which runs east-west through the county. This highway provides direct access to Washington D.C., Baltimore, and other major cities in the region. Additionally, the Maryland State Highway Administration operates a number of roads within Caroline County that offer convenient connections to local destinations such as shopping centers and beaches.

Air travelers can access the area via Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport in nearby Salisbury or Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport in Baltimore. Both airports offer domestic flights to major cities throughout the United States.

Public transportation options in Caroline County include buses operated by Shore Transit and taxis operated by local companies such as Easton Cab Company and Choptank Taxi Service. Buses provide regular service throughout Caroline County as well as connections to destinations in nearby counties including Dorchester and Talbot Counties.

Lastly, Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor line operates through Caroline County with stops at Edgewood Station near Aberdeen Proving Ground and Perryville Station near Perryville State Park. This service offers convenient connections to Philadelphia, New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, and more.

No matter how you choose to get around Caroline County – you’ll find plenty of options available for your convenience. From highways to air travel – there’s something for everyone here.

Cities and towns in Caroline County, Maryland

According to COUNTRYAAH.COM, Caroline County, Maryland is home to a variety of cities and towns. The county seat is Denton, which is the largest city in the county, with a population of 4,847. Other cities in Caroline County include Ridgely, Greensboro, and Federalsburg.

Ridgely is located on the Tuckahoe River and is known for its picturesque views of the river and surrounding countryside. It has a population of 1,056 people and is home to several historic buildings such as the Cokesbury Church and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

Greensboro is located along the Choptank River and has a population of 1,272 people. It’s known for its historic downtown area which features buildings from the 18th century such as the Greensboro Town Hall and Union United Methodist Church.

Federalsburg is situated on Marshyhope Creek near Chesapeake Bay and has a population of 2,919 people. It’s home to numerous parks and recreational areas such as Marshyhope Creek Park which offers boating opportunities on the creek as well as fishing spots along its banks.

The rest of Caroline County consists of small towns such as Golden Hill, Preston, Rhodesdale, Vienna, Williston, Westover Hills Estates, Marydel Estates Mobile Home Park, Royal Oak Estates Mobile Home Park, Easton Beach Mobile Home Village & RV Resort Park,and more. Each town offers its own unique attractions from historic sites to outdoor activities – there’s something for everyone here.