Carbines: Calipers and Firing Mechanisms

Traditionally, carbines were shorter versions of the service rifles aimed at the cavalry, drivers, etc.

Over time, it began to use this definition to those long arms shorter barrel or firing handgun ammunition, which is currently used.

Clearly, airguns do not fire this type of ammunition, but if they are long guns (more than 30 centimeters barrel or 60 total length including the head), with features and typical appearance of these weapons.


The airguns can employ various calibers so the choices are numerous.

The size of the pellets may be from 4.5 (the most used) through 5.5 until 6.35, because although there are larger sizes, have not been traditionally used in Spain and is very difficult to find weapons and ammunition.

The most balanced and the most rifles models and types of projectiles will find is 4.5 mm.


Here you can see carbines caliber 4.5 mm.

 Here you can see the caliber carbines 5.5 mm.

 Here you can see carbines caliber 6.35mm.


According to the firing mechanism carbines there are 3 types:

  • 1 single shot.
  • Repeat, we made a shot and after that we activate some kind of mechanism to repeat charge, while supplies ammunition or ammunition depot charger.
  • Semiautomatic, to repeat the shot just you have to press the shutter.

1 The single shot can be spring-piston or pre-compressed air (study these earlier systems); the repetition of pre-compressed air or CO2; and semiautomatic use some sort of gas or PCP.


You can see single-shot carbines.

 You can find semiautomatic carbines.


The choice depends largely on the intended use carbine as some models do not allow the use in competition, and others will be unsuitable for plinking, so it is important to consult our confidence gunsmith.

Although we have basic ideas about the characteristics of the weapon, we have to know exactly what the model was designed and what its benefits are.

The power carbines compressed air or gas can vary greatly, from models with output speeds of 80/90 meters per second, until others develop more than 300 m / s, so it is of utmost importance to consult specifications technical specifications of each model.